So much for dining in the nude.

‘Twas our 6th anniversary this weekend (specifically, on August 12). We spent the weekend — well, Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon — at the Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa, sans kids. Dixie and I both think it was our best anniversary yet.

We arrived at about 4 p.m. on Saturday and checked in. We rested a while and then headed to the resort’s restaurant (where the above picture was taken). The meal was a disappointment and a poor start to the weekend, especially considering the little town of Manitou Lake had a number of other dining options — notably, a trendy cafe on the beach and “The Diner” which claimed to offer “homecooked Mennonite meals”. Either choice would have easily provided a better meal. Alas….

Things picked up at this point. We went back to our room for a while…. And then we went down to the mineral spa. It’s a very relaxing experience. The mineral spa here is not like Temple Gardens in Moose Jaw, which claims to be a mineral spa but is indistinguishable from a normal heated pool and whirlpool. Manitou Springs smells, tastes, looks and burns like a mineral spa should. It looks quite disgusting actually: the water is brown and has some floaties in it, but it’s loaded with minerals and, most of all, salt. It’s very buoyant! In the deep end you can “stand” straight up in nine feet of water without having to dog paddle or move your arms. If you have any cuts on your body they will start to sting after a while, as will your eyes if you happen to get any water in them. Anyway, it was very relaxing.

Afterwards Dixie and I walked the half mile to the historic Danceland dance hall and danced a couple of polkas and waltzes.

Incidentally, our room at the resort was at the end of the longest hallway EVER. For your viewing pleasure: (take a minute and a half and pretend you are watching a video of me walking down a long hallway. Sorry, more technical difficulties.)

Sunday morning Dixie went back to the mineral spa for a float. (Incidentally, I should mention here the disappointing policy Manitou Springs Resort has: if you are staying less than four nights, you only get one entry into the mineral pool per night’s stay. In our case, we only stayed one night, so that if we wanted to return to the pool a second time we’d have to pay a discounted fee. Only when you stay four nights or more do you get unlimited access to the mineral spa. How bizarre is that? While I’m at it, did I mention that the in-house restaurant was culinarily disappointing? If you stay at the resort, eat somewhere else, perhaps somewhere where they’ll let you eat without footwear or clothing. But I digress.) While Dixie was in the pool I laid in bed, ate chips, bananas and a granola bar, drank some Co-op Gold root beer and watched John Daly win the Telus Skins Game (and I did some reading during the commercials). When Dixie returned, we relaxed in the jacuzzi for 20 minutes before checking out. Drove home through Saskatoon and did a little shopping. Had a delicious meal at Poverino’s, which restored my faith in fettucini with white sauce.

All in all a wonderful anniversary weekend.

4 thoughts on “So much for dining in the nude.

  1. Randall


    Sounds like you’ve officially been married a while. She goes swiming and you watch some tv.


    Ours is on Thursday.

  2. Sheldon

    August 12th is the best day ever! Coincidentally (if that’s a word) my wife and I also celebrated our 6th anniversary on Aug 12…but we spent it camping in cloudy/rainy weather! It was actually a good time but I think we will celebrate it again with an evening out a little later this week. Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!

  3. Marc

    We got married on the same day? Cool. Then there would have been an off off off chance that we were competing for some guests!

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