The lies we tell ourselves…

Once we get this new couch, we will be much happier and our living room will be much tidier.

And in the title I mean “we” ubiquitously.

But it is a nice couch — a sectional — and will look very nice in the living room. The old couch will go to the basement and the sectional in the basement will go to Sally Ann. She’ll find a good home for it.

On the surface it seems like a nice gesture, sending a couch to the Salvation Army for someone less fortunate. In truth, it’s not so charitable: we’ve bought a new one and we’re sending the old one, which has borne the weight (in both senses of the term) of two generations of children, to the thrift store. When was the last time you heard of someone sending a new couch to the Salvation Army and keeping their old one?

Now I’m starting to feel a little guilty about it, especially having put pen to paper, so to speak, on the subject. Would I feel guilty about it if I hadn’t mentioned it here? Or, perhaps more importantly, would I feel guilty about it if we were going to drop it off at Value Village?

At any rate, I can’t say that it’s a charitable move on our part. Not a bad move either, mind you, especially considering that both couches we now have are inherited, but still not “charity” as such.

SCRATCH THAT.»? It’s going to the church now.»? I’m not sure if that’s more charitable or not.