Just prayer, sweet Lord

I’ve linked to satirical writings about evangelical prayer often being heavily peppered with the word “just” and also repeated idenfication of the one being prayed to (“God”, “Jesus”, “Lord”, “Lord Jesus”, “Lord God”, etc.).

Assuming that prayer is conversation with God, here is a sample of what that kind of talk would look over coffee with your friend Bill:

Bill, we"re just really thankful that you are here, Bill
that you are home, friend Bill,
that we can come to your home Bill
with thanksgiving sweet Bill,
that you welcome us, precious friend.
Oh yes, that we can share sweet conversation Bill,
And sweet percolation Bill.
For your precious precious coffee Bill,
And that we don’t have to perc our coffee ourselves, sweet Bill,
but that you perc it for us,
We"re just really appreciative of the coffee Bill,
but also the cream, Bill, all the cream we could want Bill,
just there for us.
Oh yes and the sugar too Bill,
The sweet, sweet sugar . . . (Link. Via.)

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

5 thoughts on “Just prayer, sweet Lord

  1. Toni

    Coupling this to the Frances of Assissi prayer below – no human being every prayed spontaneously out loud like that!


  2. Anonymous

    You mean “God”, “Lord”, “Jesus” and “Christ” aren’t evangelical punctuation marks? I’ve always thought it was the Evangelical version of Victor Borge’s phonetic punctuation.

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