World, meet Olivia Kate (*Revised and Updated!*)

Olivia Kate, meet the world.


  • 4:35p.m. born (admitted at about 2:20)
  • 7 pounds 8 ounces (a full 2 pounds lighter than Luke, huzzah!)
  • Perfectly healthy, perfectly round head
  • Breast feeding as we speak, which is great, because Madeline and Luke both had trouble latching on.

More details to follow.

Apologies to those of you who would like a phone call and are finding out here.  I have a few more numbers to call on the list, but I’m home for a couple of minutes to change and get some stuff for Dixie.  I will call you later.  I have to run back to the hospital.


Here are some more specifically specific specifics (although I forgot the book with all the information at the hospital):

  • Born 4:35 p.m.
  • Weight: 7 pounds 8 ounces
  • Length: 20 something something inches (20 3/4?)
  • Head circumference: 35cm
  • Breast feeding is going very well.  Both Madeline and Luke had difficulty.  With them, breastfeeding was a struggle, but with Olivia things are going swimmingly.
  • Dixie did not tear!  Huzzah!  Dixie got 4th degree and 2nd degree tears giving birth to Madeline and Luke, respectively.  Not so with Olivia, who was significantly smaller at birth than were Madeline and Luke.  (This means she had a smaller head, for one thing.)

A brief rundown of the day’s events from memory:

Dixie and I both got a good, full night’s rest.  We had out lights off at 11p.m. and the kids (miraculously?) slept in this morning, so we weren’t up until well after 8a.m.  After a leisurely breakfast, we drove out to Little Red River Park for a walk, bringing the hospital bag just in case.  The kids and ran up and down some hills and chased a soccer ball for about half an hour and afterwards we walked around the river.  It was at this point that Dixie’s regular contractions began.

11:00 a.m.  Dixie starts having regular contraction 8-10 minutes apart.

1:15 p.m.  We stopped at Dixie’s mom’s store to see what her mom thought Dixie should do (her mom was a nurse).  They said they would close the store for the day and take the kids so that Dixie could home and rest and go from there.

1:30 p.m.  As we drove home, Dixie decided that we should go to the hospital first just to see where things are at and get the paperwork out of the way so we wouldn’t have to worry about that when things really started happening.

At the hospital they hooked Dixie up to the heart/contraction monitor for about 45 minutes.

2:20 p.m.  The contractions were still only 8-10 minutes apart, but the nurse checked who checked Dixie said that she was 4cm dilated and that her cervix was “very thin” and that we should stay.

We moved to delivery room #18.  Dixie got in the bath and I recorded her contraction times while I read the paper.

3:20-ish p.m.  Dixie asked the nurse to check her.  Still 4cm dilated.  The nurse said that she should get up and walk around or sit on the big ball (whatever that thing is called).  It could have gone either way whether Dixie should stay or go home.  The nurse said she’d sent home girls that were 6cm dilated.  Perhaps it was the thin cervix and the speed of Luke’s birth that kept her from sending us home.

We walked around for about 20 minutes and then returned to the room.  Dixie sat on that ball and leaned on me as I laid in the bed and dozed between recording and timing contractions.

4:20 something-or-other p.m.  Dixie told me quite urgently to get the nurse, that she thought her water might break.  A nurse came in and checked her out and then shouted “SHE’S READY TO GIVE BIRTH!  SHE’S FULLY DILATED!”  At this point there was a flurry of activity—setting up the bed for delivery, putting together tools and pans, calling the doctor, recording times, asking questions, and Dixie throwing around phrases like “Put pressure on my perenium” and such.

The doctor arrived, broke Dixie’s water, and minutes later Olivia Kate was born.  Dixie pushed once and got the head 3/4 of the way out.  “With this next contraction the baby will be born,” said the doctor.

4:35 p.m. Olivia Kate was born.

4:45-ish p.m. Oliva Kate latches onto Dixie’s breast.  Ah!  The sweetness of breast-feeding success!

The rest is history.

Yesterday I wouldn’t have guessed we’d have a third child today.  I had planned to go in to do some work at the office to make things easier for the other secretaries if I wasn’t going to be around on Monday or Tuesday (verybusy days).  Looks like I’ll be at work on Tuesday and maybe some on Monday as well.

After we were told we would stay at the hospital and Dixie’s status hadn’t changed after the first hour, I was afraid we were in for a long day similar to when Madeline was born: long, non-progressing, boring, exhausting.  It was not so.

Welcome to this family and this world, my beautiful little Olivia!

More pictures in our Olivia Kate Flickr set.  (It’s late and I’m tired.  I’m uploading more in a minute—I’m adding 20 full-size pictures and clicking “upload” and then going to bed.  Check back for new pictures as they’re uploaded.  I tried to pick out the best of the best.  I promise I won’t upload every single, multi-duplicate picture I’ve taken.)

24 thoughts on “World, meet Olivia Kate (*Revised and Updated!*)

  1. randall

    Yaaaaa Hooooo

    That’s great news, and such a nice round head!

    God must like Dixie lots.

    Congratulations dad!

    Love to Dixie and the family

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  3. Simon

    Welcome, Olivia! The swelling will go down, and you may sometimes not like what you see through those fresh eyes of yours, but it’s a grand world out your front door, and you seem to be pretty well set up with some swell parents and a couple of fairly reasonable siblings.

  4. Ang

    Once again, congratulations on your beautiful and absolutely perfect little angel!

    Welcome to the world, Olivia!!!!

  5. SharonK

    Olivia Kate….welcome.

    Welcome to a world of beauty because God created it.

    Welcome to a world of joy and wonder because God created that too.

    Welcome to you, dear, precious darling girl. We all will be anxious to meet you and watch you grow and explore……. and become a beautiful person.

    You have great parents. Appreciate them.

    You have great siblings too. Enjoy them.

    Blessings on all of you! Oh, and Mom, ya’ done good!

  6. andrew

    Congratulations Vandersluys’s’s’s.

    Awesome to have another niece. We can’t wait to meet her!!!

  7. Tammy

    Congratulations! Three just makes a family I always thought. Sooo cute! Must be exciting for Madeline and Luke too. Sounds like a really good delivery. Glad to hear she’s doing so well, and both of you too.

  8. Natalie

    I’m glad to hear that the birth went so well. She’s gorgeous. It’s amazing how much they change in the first day. She has such a pretty little head. Dixie looks absolutely beautiful too, be sure to tell her for me. I know it’s a cliche, but she is just glowing.

  9. Drea

    yippie for not tearing! I tore w/ my 1st but not the 2nd. PRAISE THE LORD. It was a much faster recovery because of it. Hope all continues to go well. LOVE the name… shes so beautiful…. and you look fantastic!

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