We are home.

Just over 24 hours after Olivia was born and we are home.  I say this mostly for the benefit of those who had thought of stopping by the hospital to say hello.  We are no longer there.  Don’t bother (but thanks for thinking about it).

Everything, as I say, went swimmingly.  It was about as perfect as it can get, I think.  No concerns for Dixie, no concerns for Olivia, everyone is getting along just fine.  Dixie got some sleep last night and Olivia has done almost nothing but sleep since she was born.  We probably could have stayed another night, but I couldn’t stay (the Victorian Room was taken), so she thought she’d get more rest at home with me.

It looks like I’ll be at work tomorrow morning and hopefully on Tuesday (only because it’s extremely busy).

I’ll be posting more pictures to the Olivia set on Flickr shortly.

Thanks for all your greetings and well-wishes and congratulations and prayers.  They are all appreciated.

One thought on “We are home.

  1. Jobina

    Welcome to the world Olivia! A big Congratulations to the Vandersluys’!!! Glad to hear that everything went so well. I just love birthing stories, they are each so unique and beautiful. I’m glad I was wrong with my random guessing/prediction and Dixie got her beautiful girl that she was secretly wishing for! Again, congrats!

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