I should have taken a nap

It’s amazing how quickly one’s day can turn for the worse.

I woke up to a to what seemed to be a perfect day: I could hear it raining outside and there was a cool breeze blowing in through the bedroom window.  It was the perfect “gloomy” day to stay indoors, drink some tea and read a book.  I made porridge for breakfast, which we ate together as a family.  Afterwards, the kids went downstairs and watched a little tv.  I stayed and finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the dining room, sheer curtains billowing in the cool breeze drifting through the windows and down onto my bare legs.

After finishing the book, Dixie did the dishes and I went downstairs and put together our new computer desk and the shelving and chair that came with it.  I blogged a bit, while Dixie practiced some hymns and worship songs on the piano next to me.

A perfect day so far.

Then we lunched; a simple affair: tomato soup and cheese melted on whole grain mini-bagels.  The light coming in from the dining room window illuminated the stained floor and table.  Rug is nice to hide general dirt, but laminate, while showing everything, is easy to clean.  The dining room always looks dirty.  Mopping the floor doesn’t seem to do much either: the moisture on the floor must wick dirt from the air or something.

Dixie, Madeline and Olivia head out for an hour or so.  Luke gets in and out of bed for about 30 minutes—multiple spankings are applied, which I dislike—while I try to watch an episode of The X-Files.  I have my Ecclesiastes epiphany.

Dixie returns home.  I speak to her and she nearly swallows my head whole.  I have a low tolerance for unprovoked vocalized crankiness, so I snap back.  I also have a bad habit of trying to lecture Dixie into apologies or at least admitting that what she  just did was uncalled for, which only worsens the problem.  She gets crankier, I get crankier.

She has a nap, but before she does, she asks me to prepare the vegetables for the youth camping trip.  Fine.  I’m annoyed at first, I would have liked to nap as well, but (in retrospect) it provided a few moments of serenity.

After I finish washing and chopping the vegetables, torrential rains begins.  I go outside the deal with some of the water pooling around the house.  The second back downspout needs to be replaced; one downspout can’t handle all of that water which is pouring over the edge of the eaves.  This seals the deal on my sour mood: fretting about the house, and our recent water issues specifically.

Supper is good, except Luke is whiny and refuses to eat his corn so that he can have his cupcake.  The following conversation ensues between Luke and I:

Luke: “Cupcake!”

Me: “Then eat your corn.”


“Then eat your corn.”


“Then eat your corn.”


“Then eat your corn.”


“Then eat your corn.”


“Then eat your corn.”

And so on.

After two Time Outs Luke satisfactorily eats his corn.  Also eats cupcake.  We make popcorn and head downstairs to have a little family party.  Madeline wants to watch a kids show “like Charlie Brown or something.”

“No,” I say.  “You’ve seen enough cartoons on tv today already.  We’re going to watch Planet Earth.  It’s all about animals and elephants and stuff.”

“But that’s boring!”

“Well, mommy and I think the kids shows are boring.”

The popcorn is an immediate disaster.  Luke sticks his hand to the bottom of the bowl and swishes it around, spilling popcorn all over the table.  He takes bowls of popcorn out of the bowl and then throws it back in; takes a handful of popcorn, stuffs what he can in his mouth and tosses the rest back into the bowl.  The floor is now a mess.

The kids are getting louder and paying less attention to Planet Earth.  Olivia won’t settle down and stop crying.  I can’t hear what Richard Attenborough is saying.


Madeline is laying on the couch watching Planet Earth with her head in my lap.  We’ve just seen a couple of Nile crocodiles burst out of the water and take down several wildebeest, including several ultra-slow-motion instant-replays.  That’s always interesting.

“Isn’t this interesting, Madeline?”

“No.  It isn’t.”

Luke starts yelling.  Olivia continues to cry and Madeline is more interested in her than Planet EarthWhat did Richard just say?

*click* [tv off]

Daddy exits.  Dixie tells the kids a story. 

I should have taken a nap.  That would have done the trick.  The rest of the day would have been paragraph four.

*Today’s typos:

  • “…the cool breeze drifting through the windows and down onto my bear legs.”
  • “A perfect day so fart.”

**I later apologized to everyone for being such a cranky-pants.

4 thoughts on “I should have taken a nap

  1. Randall

    Dang, with a few name changes and plot adjustments that could have been my story of the day.

    In fact I was going to make a post like yours, but I guess I just couldn’t find the motivation.

    Hang in there guy.

  2. Phil L

    Wasn’t it just a few days ago you were posting about marital ecstasy? Life does have its downs as well as its ups.

    Good to see the ** footnote.

  3. Marc

    Did I post about marital ecstasy? That might have been Dixie.

    If I did…I stand behind those comments, whatever they were, in spite of my crankiness. (Besides, it wasn’t Dixie I was annoyed with! 🙂 )

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