This is where I used to live, part 2

#9 Valeriusstraat, Heerlen, Limburg, Nederland.

A local friend married a Dutch man 3 years ago. They live in a city relatively near Heerlen, my city of birth and the first 7 years of my life, in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands.  He has clients in Heerlen and recently hunted down our old house and took this picture.  I had previously posted a Google maps picture of where it is located and discussed the neighbourhood.

As I remember it, there was a little patch of lawn in front of the house, not flowers and shrubbery.  The front door was green at the time.  The living room is to the left.  The little five-on-a-die window is the toilet—just a toilet and a sink.  Next to that room, down the hall, is the bathroom, with a shower and sink.  I can’t remember if there was a toilet in there, too.

The windows on the second floor, above the living room, was my parents room at the time we moved.  I can still vividly remember crawling in bed with mom on Saturday mornings.  Dad would bring us tea.  I would crawl around under the covers at the bottom of the bed.  There is a sink in that room in which I’m sure I was bathed as a baby.

The two windows above the front door was a small spare room.  Once my brother was old enough to have his own room he moved in there.

Just across the street and to the right was a hazelnut tree.  We used to put the nuts on the sidewalk and stomp on them to get inside.  My friend Maik lived at the end of the street to the right.  Arie de Frite Man sold french fries (pattat) and whatnot on the corner down the street to the left.

Ah, the memories!

If only I could convince Andy to break the gates around back and get some pictures of the back yard!

7 thoughts on “This is where I used to live, part 2

  1. Simon

    Those are some very cool memories. Neat to have your childhood brought to the fore like that through a photo. And that you remember back to when you were seven.

  2. Marc

    I don’t have seven years worth of memories, of course, but I remember quite a bit: much more than I’ve mentioned here.

  3. mam vandersluys

    Just to clarify, no toilet in the bath/shower room. .
    I enjoyed reading what you remember , had to laugh about the Hazelnuts and Maik

    Mam V.

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