A Selection of Magazines to Which I Will Not Be Subscribing

(Chosen based on name only)

  • Bird Talk
  • Stereophile
  • Popular Hot Rodding
  • Cat Fancy
  • Vette
  • Cruising World
  • Bead & Button
  • People en Espanol
  • Ontario Gardener
  • Canadian Coin News
  • Teddy Bear & Friends
  • Ladies’ Home Journal
  • Vegetarian Times
  • Latina
  • Trailer Life
  • Working Mother
  • Inside Kung Fu
  • American Cheerleader
  • Mini Truckin’
  • Elegant Bride
  • Lou Lou

Well, it’s Make Money For _________ By Buying Stuff From Your Kids season again.  Madeline’s in school now, so we get to share in the joy.  Yesterday after school Madeline brought home the Canadian Community Reading Plan magazine fundraising booklet.  I say this with very little irony—chanced are we’ll be subscribing to one or two things and I’m OK with that.

I’m doing this knowing full well that me and subscriptions don’t mix.  I’ve subscribed to Books & Culture, National Geographic, The Economist (special offer that didn’t last me 3 issues), The Globe & Mail (ridiculously low student rate I can’t get anymore), and currently we have a gift subscription to Reader’s Digest.  It’s not that I don’t like any of those magazines, it’s just that I don’t seem to take the time to read them—it’s almost like I forget about them as soon as they arrive.  I didn’t read even one issue out of the twelve National Geographics I received.  I just bought a photography magazine a couple of days ago and it’s been sitting on the floor by my bed since then.  Books are more my thing, apparently, but I like the idea of some interesting new reading material arriving once a month, so I keep trying.

Reading through the catalogue that Madeline brought home I’m amazed at what’s available out there.  Some of these magazines seem to be aimed at the niche of a niche of a niche market (Beads & Buttons is my favourite).  I wonder how some of these magazines stay afloat.

I’m looking at subscribing to a photography magazine, although from what I’ve seen on newsstands they are at least 75% advertising.  My choices are American Photo, Photo Life, Popular Photography or Shutterbug.  What say any of you photographer readers?  From what I’ve seen, American Photo seems like a safe bet for content vs. advertising, but they sometimes tend to be a little more “alluring” in content than other publications.  Another choice might be something from the current events category, such as TIME or MacLean’s, although I generally skip right over all the political stuff, which most weeks means 95% of the magazine.  Rolling Stone is another magazine I frequently flip through, but there again I tend to stick to the random notes at the beginning and the reviews and charts at the back.

What, if anything, does Madeline stand to benefit from this?

10 thoughts on “A Selection of Magazines to Which I Will Not Be Subscribing

  1. Gavin

    I’m thinking about “Trailer Life.” You know, setting my aspirations and dreams before my eyes. Something to shoot for in life….

  2. MayB

    I was really bad at reading magazines too. I would subscribe and forget they were there. Then the next one would come and I would panic! I found a great solution though (after the time I got suckered into 6 subscriptions for 2 years for the low price of…) I put them all in the bathroom. Now, I read all of them and am very up to date on all things. Not to mention regular.

  3. Collette

    uh, I’m the same way about magazines, Marc! I bought an issue of Wired a few weeks ago. all of the articles looked interesting, from both a personal and professional (aka web) viewpoint. but, it’s been flipped through and that’s it. I keep waiting for a quiet weekend morning to drink coffee and devour the mag, but my weekends have either been sluggish or busy lately.

    I also have a gift subscription to Reader’s Digest, but they never got my change of address and I rarely got around to reading much anyway. plus I find it too right wing for me anyway. so, it’s now being received by whomever lives in my old house. oh well.

  4. Marc

    Reader’s Digest is “too right wing”? Now there’s something I’ve never heard before! I can say that I’ve never thought of the magazine as political, but maybe I don’t pay attention enough. I would, however, say that “conservative” would be an appropriate description, which has less political overtones.

  5. Maryanne

    I think I want to get a subscription to each one on the list, just to make my landlady think I’ve gone insane. I especially want to see her face when Mini Truckin’, American Cheerleader, and Ontario Gardener show up.

  6. rilla

    I’ve got a subscription to Photo Life. I got suckered in by a lonely telemarketer who sounded really nice and worked from home. I also have a subscription to LuLu, MacLeans, Chatelaine, and something else… Flare? All for one low monthly fee that I will be paying for another six months… after having paid it for about three years already.

    That being said, PhotoLife is the only one that I still read. It’s a pretty good magazine and it focuses on the experiences of photographers. There are lots of articles about the trips and techniques that photographers have used. Plus, there’s a lot of amateur photo competitions where you get to see some truly gorgeous photographs.

    I haven’t looked into any of the other photo mags though, so I don’t have any basis for comparison.

  7. Marc Vandersluys

    Hey Rilla,

    Thanks for the info. Perhaps I should go that way.

    You subscribe to LuLu? I have no idea what it’s about. I mentioned it only because a) it was listed under the women’s interest category, and, more importantly, b) I thought the name was fun.

  8. Jyl

    While I agree with your selections, Marc, I would add the following to a list for myself (like you, based on title alone):



    Gun Dog

    Hot Bike Baggers

    Mental Floss

    Teddy Bears & Friends

    The Beaver

    My stepson brought home the same magazine yesterday. I had lots of chuckles over some of the titles. 🙂

  9. Marc

    Jyl, if it wasn’t for the fact that I would actually subscribe to The Beaver (Canadian history, I think), it would have been one of the first on the list! 🙂

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