Something clicked

I’m usually pretty good with different weather and seasons. They just are and I take them as they come. But today something clicked, a switch was flicked. Maybe it was because it was a slow day at work or maybe I’ve finally had it with winter. I sent this email to Dixie:

You know what? I’m tired of laying in bed and sitting around the house reading. You and I need a date or something…a little excursion out of town. Nothing big or fancy.

Here’s what I’d like to do right now: just you and me go to the coffee shop in Albertville. It’d be nice if it was on a cool, sunny spring day when the snow is just melting, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. Afterwards we stroll around the town, holding hands and chatting and looking at houses.

Is that too much to ask? I think I’ve finally had it with winter and sickness. I’m tired of being cooped up (and I know it’s that much worse for you).

There you have it, folks.  It’s time for Spring.

[I published too soon. I have more to say]

It feels kind of like I’ve been sitting for too long in a confined space and I really need to stretch.  And this “stretching” takes place outside, but I can’t do it if going outside requires entering a parka and heavy boots and the whole 20 minute get-ready-for-outside rigmarole.  I  long to go outside in what I wear inside.  Then I can stretch.

6 thoughts on “Something clicked

  1. Marc

    Why not? There’s a fantastic coffee shop there in a little house next to the cathedral.

    Plus, I love small towns.

  2. Don Hendricks

    Phoenix AZ was in the 70s today. Ran the A/C all afternoon driving to Scottsdale. A chilly sixty tonight when we went out for pizza. Thinking of you and hoping for a spring for you soon.

    Don in AZ

  3. TAmmy

    I love Albertville or any small town. We used to drive with the kids randomly for hours just looking at stuff, playing at old school playgrounds and usually eating at a strange Chinese food place some time in the middle. The kids eventually got tired of this at about age eight. Hope you get to go. Sounds nice.

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