Canada Day

Spent most of the day at Batoche National Historical Site.  I got these two gems of Olivia as well as quite a few other pictures.  If you look very closely, just up and to the left of centre, you can see the steeple of the Batoche church.




Dixie will post more on her blog and I’ll be posting some others on my photoblog (and maybe here, too).

7 thoughts on “Canada Day

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  2. brad

    Marc – I wore a button down collar shirt in 32 C. weather this weekend … all thanks to you! I was refreshed and cool all at the same time.

    I continue to be a vanderdisciple. You should “twitter” so your peeps could become vandertwits!

  3. Marc

    How much time do you have to waste? πŸ™‚

    What would it look like for you?

    “2 minutes ago: Reading the Bible

    10 minutes ago: Ministering to someone

    About 1 day ago: Fellowshipping

    About 2 days ago: Reading the Bible

    About 4 days ago: Preaching

    About 7 days ago: Just finished healing someone. Off to raise someone from the dead.

    About 11 days ago: Falling asleep. Our senior pastor is SO boring.”

    And so on… Hee hee. I’d read it! πŸ™‚

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