Took the kids to Kidsfest today.  Well, Dixie took them and I met up with them there.

I hate to be Mr. Negative, but most of the time there was spent waiting.  20 minutes in line for cotton candy and popcorn; 20 minutes in line for inexplicable balloon hats; 5 minutes in line for the bouncy castle; 3 minutes in line for hot dogs (which, at $0.50 apiece, with $0.25 soft drinks, was actually quite the steal of a meal); 10 minutes in line for face painting.  So, out of the 1.5 hours I was there, 1 hour of it was spent waiting.  Wow.  I hadn’t put the numbers together like that until just now.

But the kids had fun.  I guess they played some games before I got there.  And they jumped in the bouncy castle.  And they got a hug from a snake.  And they got their faces painted.  And they got cotton candy, hot dogs, candy, pop corn and balloon hats.  Can’t really complain, now can we?

Not sure what was going on with the face painting.  The first girl available to paint the kids’ faces didn’t look to be much more than a couple of years older than Madeline, but she had a volunteer shirt on, so . . . Madeline’s face turned out fairly well.  Luke’s, on the other hand, looked a little like the paint was discharged from a shotgun.  But he’s young enough for it to not make a difference.  His face was painted and he was happy.  Had it not been painted, he would have been happy too.

In Holland, when I was the kids’ age, they would have a carnival in a field a block away from our house.  Do you know what I remember from those carnivals?  The smell of cigarettes and the Heineken beer coasters from the beer tents.  That is all.

It’s a good memory.

8 thoughts on “Kidsfest

  1. Ian H.

    Totally agreed – I think we waited a good ½ hr total for the various activities, particularly the bouncy castle and the face painting. We wandered a little to find things that had no line (beanbag toss and hockey shoot), which helped somewhat. It was a good afternoon, though, despite the waiting.

  2. Jeremy

    This rings so true for me — every kids’ event we’ve ever gone to has been the same way. There’s nothing fun about them, for us or the kids. The only attraction is novelty, but even that manifests itself as anxiety, fear and impatience (in my kids, anyway). Yet everyone always seems to think they were great events after the fact.

  3. Marc

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m pretty sure the kids enjoyed themselves. But they’re pretty easy to please in this sense.

  4. Julia H.

    If you ever go to DisneyLand, find the Ride Max program. It helps you plan your time at DisneyLand to reduce wait times and walking between rides. It will literally blow your mind. We used it on our vacation a few weeks ago, and it was perfect.

  5. Marc

    Funny you should mention Disneyland, Julia, because while standing in some haphazard, free-for-all line at KidsFest, Dixie said something like this:

    “This is why I shouldn’t go to Disneyworld. My head would explode.”

    Perhaps this Ride Max program would ease the pressure.

  6. Randall

    it will be a good memory for the kids too one day.

    Madeline will say to Luke, “Remember the time we went to the fair and we got our faces painted and mom’s head nearly exploded?”

  7. Tammy

    That sounds like a lot more fun than taking kids to the fair. It’s usually over 30 degrees and you can’t afford to get them all that they’d like, so after spending 100 bucks easily, they’re still hot and crying. My head has exploded several times.

  8. lisa

    awww…c’mon you guys! you gotta think like a kid! How cool it is to get your face painted and to jump in one of those inflatable bouncy castle things and to be able to paint or do a craft and know that Mom/ Dad aren’t going to freak if you drop the can of glitter on the grass or slop glue all over the table (‘cos it’s outside!). Fairs are awesome too! I only wish someone would pay my way and let me go on as many rides as I can until I puke! That would be soo cool!! 🙂

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