And we’re back

We returned late this afternoon from the Vandersluys Back Roads of Saskatchewan Tour 2008.  It was a good time, though just as it felt like we were really on vacation, it was over.

We just spent the last half hour or so looking through our pictures.  There are many.  Where to begin?  I remember now why I never did blog through last year’s holiday (well, I posted about the days leading up to it and then by October Dixie had had enough of waiting and did her own post.) This year I do plan on posting on each day of the trip, but for now (’cause it’s late), here’s a picture of me prancing on the cliffs overlooking Lake Diefenbaker:

Marc Prancing on Cliffs

(Click on the picture for a larger view, if you dare.)

By the way, don’t let anyone tell you there are no scenic vistas in Saskatchewan; there are plenty.  But you will see and hear more about that later.

7 thoughts on “And we’re back

  1. Phil L

    The sand dunes are alive with the Sound of Music.

    I’d like to spend more time exploring Lake Diefenbaker. Miles and miles of sand beaches. And great fishing.

    I look forward to reading the chronicles.

  2. Marc

    It was actually a cliff I was prancing along, though there are plenty of dunes to be had, particularly in Douglas Provincial Park on the east side of the lake.

    I was looking forward to the miles of sandy beaches. I’ve spent many hours at that lake. However, the water is apparently higher than it has ever been, due to Alberta water being let in to the lake, but not draining fast enough. As a result, beaches are scarce this year.

    Lake Diefenbaker is where I learned to fish. I love it there and would like to go back more often.

    But I’ve said too much. More later.

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