5 Most Embarassing Songs

Becky tagged me for a “5 Most Embarrassing Songs on Your iPod” meme.  I haven’t memed for a while, so I shall oblige.

But first, an admission: I don’t have an iPod.  I have a Creative Zen Micro.  It has a monochrome screen.  It does have a touch-pad, though, so it’s not completely old school, as well as a microphone.  I have no complaints.  But I’m assuming that we’re almost at that point where the term “iPod” is to mp3 players as the term “Kleenex” is to facial tissue (iPod:mp3 player::Kleenex:facial tissue), so I’m good to go.

Secondly, I don’t have any embarrassing songs on my mp3 player.  While I’m warming up quickly to mp3s, I still tend to buy and upload entire albums, rather than individual songs, which means that unless I have albums by embarrassing artists, I’m not likely to have embarrassing songs on my mp3 player.

Having said that, I just read Rilla‘s post for this meme in which she lists a song by R.E.M. and one by Simon & Garfunkel.  If these are legitimately embarrassing songs, perhaps my mp3 is loaded to the teets with embarrassing material and I am just oblivious to the fact; depends who you ask, I guess.

I can only force one song to be embarrassing, and that’s Cake’s “Nugget”, which I would be embarrassed about if it played in the car accidentally with my mom present, because the chorus is full of f-bombs.

How about this: if I had the mp3s,  Zamfir’s “Lonely Shepherd” (with James Last) and Frank Mills’ “Music Box Dancer” (the one with the drums, etc.) would be permanent fixtures on the ol’ Zen.  Yes, folks, this is part of the legacy my parents left me: an appreciation of melodramatic/bittersweet quasi elevator music.

Also: Dixie suggested that it should be embarrassing that I have so many Bob Dylan albums (9) on there.  False.  It is not embarrassing.  Plus, I no longer have that many Dylan albums, but the Zen’s “Random Play All” algorithm seems to be a fan of the man, so he comes up quite often.  Strangely enough, at one point I had 11 Johnny Cash albums and I currently have 13 Bruce Cockburn albums on the Zen, but neither seems to come up “randomly” very often.  The Mark Atkinson Trio, on the other hand, of which I have only 3 albums, comes up quite regularly.  What’s the deal with the algorithm, folks?

Wait! I was about to click “publish” and thought of something that I used to have on my mp3 player which could be considered embarrassing: The Isaacs, Bluegrass Preserved.  But that might just be embarrassing to you, dear reader.  I, on the other hand, enjoy good ol’ bluegrass, and, quite frankly, hearing “Is Not This the Land of Beulah” sung in shriekingly high four-part harmony has brought tears to my eyes a time or two.

What’s more, at home I will occasionally burst into solo a capella versions of “I’m Your Lady”, “Jenny from the Block”, and “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”, but only when Dixie’s home (and I wouldn’t put any of these songs on my mp3 player willingly).  This is not some kind of latent sexuality issue bubbling to the surface; rather, I sing those songs because they are catchy and tend to humour/annoy Dixie.  Also, I spontaneously burst into many other non-woman-as-narrator songs as well.

Sorry I didn’t list five songs from my mp3 player.  But, to recap in list form (in keeping with the meme), these are the songs I mentioned in this post:

  1. Cake, “Nugget”
  2. Zamfir, “The Lonely Shepherd”
  3. Frank Mills, “Music Box Dancer”
  4. The Isaacs, “Is Not This The Land of Beulah”
  5. Shania Twain, “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”
  6. Jennifer Lopez, “Jenny from the Block”
  7. Cher, “I’m Your Lady”

3 thoughts on “5 Most Embarassing Songs

  1. becky

    Heh, you rock, Vandersluys. Love the train of thought!

    Only, now I will have visions of you singing Shania Twain — horrifying!

  2. Toni

    I’d have suggested anything by REM was embarrassing. Simon and Garfunkel are OK for a woman but not for a man, ditto Abba. Cher – embarrassing if you listen to the song only, but if there’s an album cover where you can look at the picture (an OLDER album cover) then that’s cool. J-Lo ditto. Shania Twain actually becomes cool because her husband produced Def Leppard and the backing tracks have decent guitar work.

    I have nothing embarrassing on my MP3 player but I do have a compilation CD called ‘The Sound Of Ska” which is a little embarrassing. There’s also a screamingly awful ‘Christian’ CD by someone in the Oxford church that is so bad it hurts (it was sold for charity). Oh, and I guess Emiliana Torrini would be embarrassing in a blokey context (ask Johanna what she’s like – she sounds the way I imagine JC would sing if she could choose).

  3. Marc

    OK for a woman but not for a man? What?

    Well, dang it. I don’t have ABBA on my mp3 player, but their “Gold” greatest hits album has been a classic in my collection for many years (though I haven’t listened to it in ages). Ditto Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits (which I DO have on my mp3 player).


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