Advice about raising children

In light of the success of my last advice column/post, in which I lay out the formula for success in marriage, I now present you with my 10 Rules for Successfully Raising Your Children:

Totally kidding.  Seriously?  Ask me in 20 years and I *might* be able to tell you something, but I can’t even guarantee anything then.

5 thoughts on “Advice about raising children

  1. Simon

    1. – Try to ensure they survive until they’re 18. Then they’re on their own.

    Beyond that, I don’t know any hard and fast rules.

  2. SharonK

    Love them and forgive them through their mistakes and ask them to forgive you through your own mistakes.

    I made the mistake of being far too serious while raising our kids but I’m making up for it with my granddaughter. We laugh a lot!!

  3. Toni

    I second Simon’s “try to ensure they survive” although for somewhat differnt reasons.

    The ‘Continue reading this post’ feature is full of fail.

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