Improving our worship…

From Brad Boydston, two things we could do:

1. Change the “I” to “we” in 90% of the music and spoken language. The individual’s worship must grow out of the collective sense of worship. It hardly ever seems to work the other way.

2. Sing and talk a lot more about God and a lot less about our experience of God. While we don’t want to totally disconnect from the experiential realm but we need to shift the focus. We’re locked in a loop where many of us think and function as though worship were about us — our needs, our experiences, our perceptions…


2 thoughts on “Improving our worship…

  1. Ian H.

    While I think the idea behind #1 is probably to avoid “lone-wolf Christianity”, I disagree that our unique personal experience of God and our private worship must necessarily be coloured by our faith community’s sense of worship.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with #2, but I don’t know what can be done about it… people come to the church for all sorts of reasons, and some of them are selfish.

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