First day

Finished my first day working at/for the church here.  Pretty uneventful, but it was good.

First things first:

1. First thing I did: check phone messages.  There was one.

2. First phone call received: shortly after I checked messages, the phone rang for the first time.  It went as follows:


Me: Gateway Covenant Church.

On phone: *boat horn* “You could win two free passes to the Bahamas!  Just by…”

Me: *click*

3. First legitimate phone call received: Phil.

4. First visitor: Gavin.

It was a good day.  I spent a bit of time orienting myself and may have some more self-orienting to do tomorrow.  It will take some time to figure out how to balance two very different part-time jobs.  For the last six or so years I’ve been working at a job where efficiency and speed are paramount and where my job is laid out very specifically—there’s little room for flexibility in the work day.  The job at the church is in many respects not at all about being efficient or fast, and the job is more-or-less self-directed (within some basic expectations).  At some point soon I will have to stop asking people what I need to do and just start doing things.

It feels like a good fit.  Of course, it’s only the first day and I haven’t (and possibly won’t) face some of the difficulties someone in full-time church ministry faces.

On a somewhat related note, I am realizing tonight how much work I have to do for the Patristic Fathers course in the next month.  The first assignment is due on November 24.  It’s the only assignment with a set due date (other than the completion date of the course, which includes all the rest of the assignments), which is done to get the student working without delay.  The assignment shouldn’t be particularly difficult, but it will be time-consuming.  I have to listen to 24 40-minute lectures, read 3 books and answer a series of questions for each lecture/book chapter, all in the next month.

It’s certainly do-able, but right now it feels like it will take up much of any spare time remaining after home and familial responsibilities and other obligations.  In fact, I shouldn’t be blogging right now.  It occurred to me tonight that perhaps a blogging hiatus is in order.  We shall see.

5 thoughts on “First day

  1. rilla

    I also want to throw in my “no hiatus” vote. Posting your homework is a good idea, and I used to write about school all the time when I was in school. I found it was a good way to express my thoughts about stuff I was learning without having to worry about what the professor would think of it.

  2. Ang

    I got that same phone call my second day of work! Through the horn you her, “This is your captain speaking” or something along that lines as well.

    Minimal hiatus…please. Or short breaks from hiatus to inform of how things are going…

  3. beck

    LOL. I got that telemarketing call too! It listed the phone number as some kind of cockamamie number like 1-000-000-0000. They had called every day for the last week and I didn’t answer because of the cockamamie number, I figured it would be some weird telemarketing thing and… Yup.

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