1. Loving my neighbour requires care of creation, because loving my neighbour doesn’t just mean the guy literally next-door to me; not just the people in my community; not just the people in the so-called “global village” (i.e. everyone); but also those generations which will follow ours.

2. Being a servant to others, the life to which Jesus calls his disciples, includes my children as well. They have a special place in the Kingdom of God and my position of authority as a parent does not preclude treating them any differently in terms of my servant approach than I would treat an adult. Authority and service are not mutually exclusive things.

One thought on “Realizations

  1. Linea

    I agree with you.

    It sort of seems that one serves one’s children well by having authority over them. I think that abdicating that authority over children is a big mistake parents make, especially exercising that authority in love. And doing that is such hard and continuous work – as you well know.

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