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Google Chrome is out of beta.  Gmail, which is significantly older than Chrome in internet terms, is still in beta.  (Hat tip to Brad Boydston for the observation.)  I don’t understand the “beta” stage, especially for Gmail.  Millions of people have been using it for years, is there really still a question that it works properly?

I just reinstalled Chrome.  I wasn’t that impressed with it when it was first released.  It was fast and simple, but I didn’t like anything else about it (such as how it handled bookmarks and the lack of add-ons).  Firefox is still my preferred browser, but at home I’ve been using Opera so that Dixie and I don’t have to keep signing into our respect online accounts.  Opera claims to be the fastest browser around.  That may well be.  I like Opera, but it still doesn’t feel like a good fit.  And it has issues with iGoogle and various other online apps I use.  So it’s back to Chrome for now.

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As I was typing in the URL for Wikipedia and didn’t notice that I misspelled it.  It took me to a website for bedding or something (I didn’t stick around to find out).  Are the days of accidentally stumbling upon adult content behind us?  There was a time I was terrified of misspelling an URL for fear of where I might end up.  This stems from a time in my early years of web-browsing when I sent my brother a handful of links for gaming websites to download demos.  He emailed me back to inform me that every link I sent him was an adult website.  I was mortified.  I turns out I had entered one too many letters or one too few in the URL or pluralized a letter I shouldn’t have.  It was embarrassing.  So I paid careful attention to my spelling in address bars (and increased my use of cut-and-paste).

I suspect wide use of Google helps.  Back in the day I would occasionally (don’t know if anyone else did) sometimes just type in www dot something related to what I was looking for dot com.  A person looking for the website for the Friends sitcom would intuitively type in “friends dot com”.  Apparently, at that time anyway, friends.com was an adult website.  I don’t think people type in random URLs so much any more.  I certainly don’t.

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It appears as if del.icio.us is no longer, but now goes with the much easier delicious.com.

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I reinstalled WordPress last night in order to make it easier to upgrade in the future.  This reinstall moves me from uploading upgrade files to just clicking one button to upgrade.

Just to be safe I backed up my database in three different ways: creating an SQL file through phpMyAdmin; creating a zipped backup file right from WordPress using a backup plugin; and exporting my blog from WordPress (XML file).

When I had reinstalled WP, I imported the SQL database file.  It said it was successful, but nothing showed up on the blog.  Then I tried importing it to a different database.  That completely screwed up the site.

The lesson: I don’t know how to upload SQL databases.

Next up was the WordPress XML export file.  I new that would work, because I did an export/import of this blog over to vandersluys.wordpress.com.  That export/import worked well, except that it buggered up my category and tag links as well having a comment count of 0 on every post (but comments were, in fact, there).  I was willing to work with that problem as long as I could get my blog back up.  It worked and categories and tags were fine.  Comment count on all posts: 0.

I spent almost an hour looking for a solution to this comment count issue, but could find nothing useful.  Then I poked around the database tables for a while.  I thought I had solved the problem because 2 comments showed up, but I soon realized that one of the comments was new since the reinstall.  I tested a theory and, sure enough, new comments returned comment count to the correct number.

I searched a bit more and found a site which gave an incredibly easy solution.  The problem is that WordPress loses count of the comments, so you have to force it to recount.  You can do that either by posting and deleting a comment on every single post or create a .php file with the code from this page and force the recount on every post in seconds.  If you’ve got the comment count problem, check it out.

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6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous internet related stuff

  1. Mr. C.C.

    I tried Google Chrome and it needs to be able to handle sites with java like Pogo.com. It runs pretty good, but there are things it needs. I just can’t think of it right now.

  2. Jay

    I am also planning on upgrading WordPress tomorrow. I have tried to send my database SQL file to a different version of WordPress in a different folder but I had no luck recovering any of my history with that so I too do not know how to install a database file. Thankfully my ISP is really good about getting things done for me as soon as I ask. I hope that upgrading is as easy with WordPress 2.7 as you say, Marc, because I would really like to stay on top of those updates to prevent some of the hacking and spamming that goes on. Unfortunately I will be to wait until tomorrow to get the upgrade done and then my entire site is going to be run by WordPress.

    I have a feeling it’s going to be so successful is so much easier to run that I am going to switch my photography site to a WordPress base so that when I make one change it will be global.

    I’m not even certain I carefully get comments back if they do not show up for me because I probably have received only 100 comments in the last three years. But I did bookmark that page just in case I need it. Now, the problem is finding a theme I am happy with or that can be easily modified to look the way I wanted to.

  3. Marc Post author

    Jay: Just a heads up: I’m not sure how you are using WordPress right now, but the one-click upgrade is not built into 2.7. The one-click upgrade is done through Fantastico, which is part of the administrative access provided by my server.

    It would be nice, though, for auto-upgrades to be somehow worked into future WP updates. (If you use wordpress.com as your server, it will automatically upgrade for you, I believe).

  4. Angie

    I remember one time in my new to the internet days that I tried looking up friends names with dot com on the end. When I got to my own, Angie dot com I found out that it was a porn site 😛 I have learned a lot since then…

  5. Toni

    The cosmetics company that make Oil of Ulay ran an national advertising campaign using the strapline ‘your daily facial’ and a website called (IIRC) dailyfacial.com (*). There was a website called dailyfacials.com that had altogether different content, and ‘surprised’ a lot of people looking for the Ulay version (and possibly vice versa?).

    * BTW I cannot remember exactly which way round they were, and I’m not going to check now.

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