I’m going on a little trip with Olivia.  

With my iPod Touch it’s much easier to use Twitter than WordPress (although there is a WordPress App that works quite well).  Because of this, I’ve set things up so that theoretically there will be a “digest” post of the day’s Tweets posted at the end of a given day.  I say “theoretically”, because I have it set to do so at 11:59pm and it should have published a post last night at that time, but it didn’t.  It seems to work for some people, but it is still in testing.

If that doesn’t work, I’ve also got my Tweets feeding to the sidebar to the right.  Or you could follow me at  I hope the digest posts work so that it will be integrated into my RSS feed.

I have mixed feelings about Twitter-to-blog integration (Twitter seems so contrary to the blogging spirit), so this is a test for when I go to Chicago at the beginning of February.  Let me know what you think.

Having said that, I believe I’m inheriting my parents’ old laptop (1st generation XP, I believe) which will hopefully function sufficiently.  If I can get the wireless adapter to work, I may post something substantial.

4 thoughts on “Trip

  1. Chris Hiebert

    Marc, depending on how you are recieving the laptop, I can send along a wireless pci card if you like. I have a couple.

  2. Andrew

    I’m sorry and seriously bummed that it didn’t happen, and that for whatever reason a bit of fog deterred someone from landing the plane … and sorry to hear what a lousy day you had to come all this way, fly over Kelowna, but not land.

  3. Marc Post author

    Chris: Thanks for the offer. I had packed the pci card from our last laptop in hopes of making that work!

    By the way, when I do eventually get to Summerland it’d be nice to get together again for coffee or something.

    Andrew: I’m sorry too.

    Phil: I will update soon.

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