The Mediator

If [Christ Jesus] were man alone, you would be following what you are, and so you would never arrive. If he were God alone, you would fail to comprehend what you are not, and so you would never arrive. God was made man, so that by following a man, which you can do, you may arrive at God, which you could not do.

— Augustine

3 thoughts on “The Mediator

  1. Simon

    So therefore the church was justified in the deification of Jesus Christ because people were more likely to follow His example than they would have his example?

    I’m not trying to be deliberately contrary here, Marc. Honestly. But I am one of those who believes in the existence of Jesus the man, though I do not believe he was any more (or less) the Son of God than you or I.

    I think this is truly the sort of scenario where “the ends justify the means” could have an utterly spectacular debate.

    God, blog comments are so insufficient for these sorts of things. Where the hell’s a Vulcan mind meld when you need one, eh?

  2. Marc

    Simon gets a Pilcrow for most unexpected comment ever! (just as soon as I figure out how to make a Pilcrow on the iPod keyboard)


    Seriously, though, this is yet another lesson in posting out-of-context quotes.

    This quote is part of a commentary by Augustine on Psalm 135:3: “The Lord is good.”. Augustine runs all over the place with his commentary and the quote flows out of his thoughts on how/why God is good.

    So Augustine isn’t making an argument for the deity of Christ in this quote, but reflecting on God’s goodness manifested in the incarnation (i.e., God becoming human). The deity of Jesus is assumed in what Augustine says here, not argued for.

    I don’t think anyone would make an argument for the divinity of Christ which says, “he’s divine because we need him to be.

    (Can I be really cheeky and say that from the church’s perspective Jesus wasn’t deified but that Jesus’ divinity was simply recognized?)

    Wow. Commenting by iPod is a labourious process. And, yes, blog comments are insufficient for this sort of thing.

  3. Marc

    hmmm… I just re-read your first paragraph and now it makes more sense to me (His vs. his). I think I responded to what you said, but maybe I didn’t?

    Here’s your Pilcrow:

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