Today: Questioning and Blustering

As a part of my ongoing campaign of shameless self-promotion, I direct you the CanWebbie’s interview with me.  I warn you: it is wholly uninspiring (other than the questi0ns asked) and I offer advice which I don’t follow.

Also, here is a brief, poorly filmed and uninspiring video, shot at about 9:00 this morning, of the meteorological craziness in which we are living today:

That doesn’t really capture it. There’s a significant snow drift behind our van and everywhere else (even if we got out of our driveway we wouldn’t get out of the street) and the winds are blowing snow around at upwards of 70km/h. We are cozy enough in our trailer, though.

2 thoughts on “Today: Questioning and Blustering

  1. Simon

    That was actually a nice little interview, Marc. And a good head shot with your new glasses. The beard and serious mien totally make you look like a man who is pursuing a Masters of Divinity with something approaching zeal. But not full-on zeal, because that would be scary.

    Was the video clip only 29 seconds because your camera FROZE SOLID after being outside that long? Nice weather you’re having there. Makes the four centimetres we’ve gotten here over the past couple days seem like hardly a hassle at all.

  2. Kylee-Anne

    I enjoyed the interview, too, Marc. And I thought your advice was very good, too, particularly the stuff about voice.

    And thanks so much for plugging Amandolyn and Ky, and for saying we have wit. Woo hoo!

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