I admit that sometimes I think we’re very funny people.

Today a package arrived in the mail, which is delivered to our student box at the seminary.  I was working in the library in a private study room and was chatting with Dixie on Google Talk about it.

She’s expecting a t-shirt that reads, “got meryl streep?”

The following conversation ensued (edited for irrelevancy):

Me: Buster?

Dixie: yesh?

Me: Ah, you are there.

Dixie: i heard the beeping and came over here

Me: We got something from Florida today. What would that be? From a Susan Livingston.*

Dixie: the t-shirt probably

Me: It feels like clothing, but it seems too small to be the t-shirt.

Dixie: why don’t you open it and see? I hope it doesn’t say “Got Susan Livingston” on it

Me: I’m opening the envelope…

There’s a white powder in it…

Dixie: shut up

Me: Also a t-shirt.

Dixie: how does it look?

Me: Good.

Dixie: “Got Meryl Stripe”

Me: It’s says “got merv strelp?”

Dixie: lol

Me: I’m funny…  I’m lol-ing alone in my little study carrel here.

Really, I was only wheezing to myself in my little study carrel.  I’m not sure if that counts as lol-ing or not.

(Here’s a picture Dixie wearing the shirt.)
*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

4 thoughts on “I admit that sometimes I think we’re very funny people.

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  2. Marc

    Did you actually find this somewhat funny? I wondered if the humour would be somewhat lost on people (too you-had-to-be-there, inside-joke-y).

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