Project Grizzly

I didn’t realize that Project Grizzly, one of my favourite documentaries, was a National Film Board production.  It is, and it’s available in full, for free, online.  In fact, here it is:

It’s just over 70 minutes long. It’s a documentary about one man’s mission to build a bear-proof suit (for the purposes of study at close proximity). The guy, evidently some kind of bushman, seems just a little crazy. It’s very entertaining.

Some things you will see in this documentary: some impressive footage of two grizzlies fighting; the guy, besuited, getting hit by a half-ton at 40mph. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Project Grizzly

  1. Scott

    Is this the one where the guy shaves with a Bowie knife using cold water? If so, he is awesome!

  2. Phil L

    I don’t have 70 minutes to watch it at this time, but I remember seeing it many years ago. It was indeed entertaining. Crazy guy.

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