The Pencil Man Can


I wrote last June about my developing love for pencils. It carries on. Was ordering a gross of my favourite pencils a bit too much?  Perhaps.  But they’re not only nice to write with, they’re nice to look at.

Apparently taking notes in pencil is odd. I’ve received a number of looks, second looks and chuckles from classmates when I pull my handheld pencil sharpener from my book bag and sharpen the stub of wood and graphite in my hand. Another classmate commented twice on my pencil use, saying he likes pencils too. But he takes his notes in pen. Maybe he needs to come out of the proverbial closet when it comes to his writing instrument preferences. Perhaps I am to be the agent of his outing, to give him the courage to name it.

I don’t see the guy taking notes with the fountain pen getting funny looks. What’s the deal?

3 thoughts on “The Pencil Man Can

  1. Joanne

    I took prefer pencils over pens for note taking, although I lean towards mechanical pencils. BIC mechanicals tend to be my instrument of choice.

    When I go to a pen it must not be a fine or ultra fine tip. The pen has to be a medium tip.

    Anyway, there are probably more closet pencil users out there.

  2. Marc

    Joanne: The BIC Mechanical would be my choice for a mechanical pencil. I would go to one if there were no woodcase pencils available.

  3. Scott

    I love the pencil, but sometimes it is easier to read the notes later when they are in pen. I also like both kinds, but prefer mechanical for the lack of tree destruction… yet there is something so satisfying in the sharpening of a pencil…

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