Evening conversations (England edition)

(I should add, by way of making sense of this conversation, that we are flying first class, where we will enjoy a variety of complimentary things.)

Me: [with some excitement] “I wonder what movies they’ll have on the airplane.”

Dixie: “How many times are you going to ask that? I don’t know the answer to that question.”

Me: “Have I asked it before?”

Dixie: “Several times.”

Me: “Well, I’m excited. Free movies! Free booze! Do you know what this means?!”

Dixie: “Yes. You’ll have to drink $8,500 worth of alcohol each way to get your money’s worth.”

6 thoughts on “Evening conversations (England edition)

  1. Andrew

    Is the booze really free on first-class flights? A plebe like me has never experienced such luxury. I will be living vicariously.

  2. Marc Post author

    From the carrier’s website: “Complimentary beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and Starbucks® coffee.”


    I do imagine they have limits. “Complimentary” is not the same as “unlimited” or “bottomless”.

  3. Randall

    $8500 EACH WAY…..?

    choke, cough, you should ask for some really expensive wine that they have to go down into the planes cellars to retrieve and serve it in Marilyn Monroe’s high heels.


  4. Toni

    I think the tastes of 40+ year old shoes would spoil the wine, which would be a shame.


    As you say, complimentary isn’t bottomless. Free food and booze has been a feature of most inter continental flights that I’ve made, and used to be the norm on British Airways until fairly recently. It was only the real cattle-class carriers that used to charge for drinks, as flying was all about an experience as well as transport before it became available cheaply to the masses.

  5. Linea

    Ha! We had economy free wine on the Air Canada flight over. I might pay extra for the sleeper type seats but Dixie is right – the free booze wouldn’t be the thing that would wring the extra bucks out of me.

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