Miscellaneous 1 (Delay; Classes; Pets)

Yes, yes, I know.  More England posts.  They’re coming. There’s a long way to go yet: Warwick Castle, Somerton, Oxford, Bath, Lyme Regis, Stonehenge, Bramley. I took a bit of a break, then I got preoccupied with a bunch of stuff going on (including a sermon yesterday).  And then our internet has been off since Thursday (I’m writing from a school building and I don’t have my pictures with me).

Some random stuff in the meantime:

* * *

I registered for this semester with great confidence: Homiletics I (preaching); intermediate Hebrew; intermediate Greek; Clinical Pastoral Experience (essentially visitation).  Then I noticed that there was an unusually large amount of required courses being offered this year.  So I spent a week stressing and hunting down professors and getting advice.  Turns out that there are several core courses offered this year but not next year, meaning that if I want to graduate next year, I had to switch my schedule around.

So now I’m registered for 5 courses and face an incredible amount of reading for the next 3 months (about 12 books, plus supplementary reading, papers, translation and two sermons).  I still have mixed feelings about the schedule–I’m not sure why I was so hung up about taking two languages this semester.  Greek will be a little more difficult with a full year between classes, but I’ll survive.  And all the classes I’m registered for look interesting (as do the books I have to read).

* * *

The kids want a pet.  I’d gladly get a 5-gallon fish tank and a school of neon tetras, but fish are, apparently, “boring” and “don’t do anything.”

This is what the kids have suggested:

  1. Kittens (possibly one for each of them)
  2. Puppies
  3. A hamster (which I ruled out immediately because–and I quote–“We don’t need any more rodents in this house.”)

I’m not sure what to say and Dixie and I can’t seem to come to any sort of resolution.  Part of me thinks we should wait until we have a more permanent residence, but I’m not sure why that is.  The previous owner of this mobile home had two large dogs and a cat (and a child).  One pet isn’t going to be a big deal in terms of space.

But then a pet is that much more financial and time responsibility.  And I think I’m a dog person, not a cat person.  Getting a puppy would be like having another child; getting a trained dog that’s a year old or so would be good, but wouldn’t “grow up” with the kids, which is something I’ve always thought would be nice.  Dogs have personality and you can wrestle with them (we’d get a bigger dog, like a labrador), but they’re high maintenance.

But, quite frankly, I’m not sure if I’m really not a cat person, or if it’s just left-over sentiment from when I was a boy, when it was easy to categorically dismiss things like cats and country music.

Dogs may have a more lovable personality, but cats are lower maintenance and would help with any future mice problems.

I don’t know.

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous 1 (Delay; Classes; Pets)

  1. mam V.

    In your case I would choose a cat because the mice will be marching in as soon as it gets colder and the cat may prevent that “hopefully!”

  2. Toni

    From experience, the further away, temporally speaking, one gets from holiday photos, particularly if there’s a lot of them, the harder it is ever to get around to sorting them out. Especially with a monster workload about to fall on your shoulders. To get the monkey off your back you may be best off just skimming through, pulling out 20 or so choicest ones, posting them and then leaving the rest of another year or 2.

    Works for me.


    Pets: I’d suggest gerbils. They don’t smell, can be handled (though they’re MUCH faster than hamsters) and don’t get sick (like hamsters). They also only live 2 or 3 years, which is a distinct advantage.

    Cats may keep the mice down, but the puke, defaecate, moult and shred soft things all over the house. They also need looking after if you go on holiday (give a young ‘friend’ the tank of gerbils for a week) and injections etc. Dogs make the house smell bad to non-dog owners (and your house is a little ‘cosy’ already).


  3. Angie

    For a pet I would recommend a medium sized, non shedding dog. I used to be indifferent to the idea of owning a shedding dog until we got our non-shedding schnauzer/poodle cross. It is SO nice to hold her and not be covered in dog hair and also to not have a house full of hair.

    I also don’t care for cats, or rodents. With cats you are cleaning up a litter box, which can be rather gross….especially if you have 2 or 3 cats. One medium sized dog will make less mess, and if you have to take it out on a leash to do it’s business (I assume you don’t have a fenced in yard) then you can clean up the mess and it’s done.

  4. Collette

    I know lots about pets!!

    I don’t really like cats. I hate their hair, and how it gets in my face. HATE it. not even an option for me. plus, so many people are allergic to cats. but, a cat would make sense for you folks. they are also easy to leave for a few days or a week. you can get a neighbour kid to come over and water, feed, and play with it once a day and it’s fine. a dog needs a full on babysitter.

    I love dogs, but a cat does seem to make sense for you guys. you have so much to handle as it is!

    if you did consider a dog, I’d consider re-thinking your ideas on larger vs smaller dogs. I used to prefer a larger dog, but as a dog owner, smaller ones have worked best for me. they can’t physically overpower me, I can get one (or two!) that don’t shed which is far less mess, and my dog Katie is a cockapoo that loves to wrestle! and she’s pretty robust.

    my first dog as an adult ended up being a bichon frise, and while I was against the idea of a small dog at first, he was so easy to manage! and both of my current dogs are small. I really do like them a lot, and I think they are very nice pets that fit in well with my lifestyle. larger dogs need lots of exercise, and I don’t have a huge field in back of my house like you guys have.

    you may enjoy a larger dog, and it’s really just because of your rural location that makes me think one might work for you. I’m just saying, smaller dogs really are pretty sweet too. it’s worth considering.

    good luck with your decision!

  5. Jyl

    I would caution against getting any kind of labrador. That was always my dream dog until my brother got his chocolate labs. While they are gorgeous animals, they are super high energy and, from what I can see, high maintenance. A lot of time and patience has to be put into training them or else you run the risk of having everything in your house (that’s not bolted down) chewed up and destroyed.

    And that includes items on your counter, in the cupboards and in the fridge.

  6. Linea

    Our dog is the best – but she is taken. And the cat would be heartbroken. Maisy scratches the back door in the morning so we know the cat needs to be let in and then if its cold, the cat cuddles right up to her for a quick warming up.

    When she was a puppy though – I could have killed her on occasion.

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