Pre-sermon nightmare

I preach tomorrow morning on a weepy passage from Jeremiah, which I have found difficult to carry over into modern meaning.

Today, in my fitful early morning, post-alarm sleep, I dreamed that I had neglected to finalize my rough notes and to go over them before delivery. At some point I realized I was preaching to a group of impoverished women and children in muddy ocean-side caves. The tide was rising.

It was a disaster on so many levels. Incoherent due mixed up notes; irrelevant to the audience, who, as a result, were not at all paying attention; my pastor standing there taking it all in and looking at me with deep disappointment.

What a nightmare.

6 thoughts on “Pre-sermon nightmare

  1. Jeff Wheeldon

    All the more reason we should hang out Sunday night.

    I also had a nightmare the other night: Darth Vader used the force on me to cause me to attempt to assassinate the Emperor. I escaped, but I knew that I would be next. AND, I was at work, in a job that somehow combined driving feed trucks and entering grades.

    Don’t worry, your dream is just as likely as mine to actually happen.

  2. Gavin

    It must have been Erik looking upon you with judgement, right? I would never. But Erik…. Ya. That guy is a jack ass….

  3. Randall

    Welcome to the world of pastoral ministry.

    Pants or not, those dreams are a part of the beginning stages of the work. I still occasionally dream those dreams.

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