This is not a conversation I would have had with her in person.

My parents use MSN Messenger; it’s nice because at least one of them usually says “hello” every day. Mom always starts her chats with a question like, “Is everything ok with you all?” Usually my answer is “Fine. Same old, same old. Our lives aren’t that exciting,” but tonight I decided to mix it up a bit. Here, with Mom’s permission, is an excerpt (“adrian” is my dad’s name, but they never bother to change it. I’m not sure they know how):

adrian says: Hi Marc, here is mam, just a short one as I don’t want to keep you away from your family, everything ok with you all?

adrian says: If you have no time I understand

Marc says: No. The world is coming to an end here in Prince Albert. Balls of fire are falling from the sky. Armies of merciless robots are marching on the city, killing women and children and anything in their sight. We’re just packing our suitcases to high-tail it out of the city. Hence my hurry. I need to change Luke’s diaper before we flee.

Marc says: Just kidding.

Marc says: Everything’s fine.

adrian says: I was going to say, flee here the door is wide open and food to be had!

Marc says: Excellent! A safe house. Thank you, Mom.

adrian says: I liked your story, for a split second I thought what [is] going on [smiley with flushed cheeks]

adrian says: Remember that for the future

Marc says: OK. Sorry to scare you.

Marc says: What would you have done if there really were merciless robots marching on the city?

adrian says: I don’t know, probably freeze on the spot and accept it my fate

Marc says: YOUR fate? They’re marching on MY city!

adrian says: Oh I thought if it happened here, If it was at your place I would do anything to get you here

Marc says: Not much you can do at this point. They’ve crossed the river.

adrian says: Well too bad, i may come to your funeral

Marc says: Ha!

Marc says: LOL

adrian says: Yes ok

Marc says: So much for your safe house.

Hilarious. You can’t get that from every day, face-to-face conversation.