To Calgary and beyond

Just snuck out of bed a little early here at the Ramada Limited, Golden to sneak in an entry.

Just across the Alberta border a bird with a beautiful orange chest flew across the road.  I am nowhere near being an ornithologist?I can’t even call myself a birder by hobby?so I made something up.  “Probably an orange-breasted warbler,” I said.  Dixie and I had a good laugh over that one.  Now that I think about it, it was probably just a robin.

What is it with us and hotels in Calgary?  Several years ago Dixie and I went to Calgary and Banff with another couple for a whirlwind weekend trip.  We stayed in the Quality Hotel (perhaps the name should have said it all) in the North East of the city.  We were all tired-out from the drive so we stayed in the room for a bit.  The TVs in that hotel are the type that have a channel box on top of the set which resets to the in-house menu channel when the TV is turned off.  The natural thing to do when unfamiliar with a city’s channel line-up is to flip through the channels one at a time to see what’s what, so we started flipping down from the menu channel (it was in the 50s).  The first channel or two were movie channels and then suddenly we were greeted by three successive channels of hardcore pr0n!  I think we all screamed.  It’s not that pr0n is scary in that way, but it was entirely unexpected.

We called the front desk to inform them that they we showing free pr0n in our room and requested that they turn it off.  Then we went out.  When we came back several hours later we started flipping down the channels again, thinking that the problem had been dealt with; nope?still three successive channels of hardcore pr0n.  We called the front desk again, this time a little more annoyed.  They said they would look into it.

In the end the pr0n was never turned off, but we wisened up and actually punched in the channels numbers so that we would start flipping down starting from the channels below the pr0n channels.

Yesterday morning at the Days Inn in Calgary we were rudely awoken by somebody trying to get into our room.    We had the deadbolt in and that thing latched?what do you call that thing that you slide in or flip on which allows the door to open only far enough for the room’s occupant to glance suspiciously at whomever might  standing on the outside?  Anyway, we had that thing latched.  It seems to me that this alone would be indication enough that the room was occupied, given that it is not possible to latch those “things” from the outside.  So I gathered that whoever was trying to get into the room had never experienced such a force-field before and figured that if he or she rattled the door enough it might just submit and give way.  She (as it turned out) kept rattling that door.  I finally got up and told her she had the wrong room.

It turns out it was a maid on her first day of work.  It wasn’t a huge deal and I didn’t make a fuss; it was, after all, 8:15 when she made her attempt, but we had hoped to sleep in longer because Madeline was (is) sick and was in bed late the night before and had been awake for two hours in the middle of that night as well.

Had a Dark Side of the MoonWizard of Oz moment in the car yesterday.  After we passed Canmore we played the Return of the King soundtrack.  We skipped over some of the louder, more abrasive-sounding songs as they came along, because the kids were asleep.  At one point Dixie commented that the music fit the scene outside the car perfectly, and from that point on the music and its changes coincided exactly with the weather and scenery outside and their changes.   When it was pouring rain outside and we were careering down steep mountain roads between cliffs of jagged rock, the music was “pouring rain outside and careering down steep mountain roads between cliffs of jagged rock”-souding music; when there was a break in the clouds, the sun broke through and the rain let up for a moment, the music quieted down, the orchestra playing softly, a solo flute rising serenely above the cacauphany (sp?) of the “pouring rain…” music.  At one point we had to stop because of some highway construction and as soon as the car came to a stop Annie Lennox’s song “Into the West” came to its quiet conclusion.  It was really bizarre.  That’ll never happen again, I wager.

Well, I’m off to get together our free “continental” breakfast (which never have anything continental about them).  I think the people at the Days Inn in Calgary yesterday probably thought I was milking the system  morning; we wanted to eat in our room, so I loaded my tray up with a two muffins, two apples, two oranges, four pieces of toast, three (very small) cups of juice, a cup of milk, three yoghurt cups and a bowl of cereal.  I wonder how many people mumbled about me under their breath?  Anyway, I’m off to milk the system here at the Ramada Limited, Golden.

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  1. Paula Joy

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Maybe try putting the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outside of the doos. That usually workds for us…

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