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Sermon and then do nothing.

Well, I guess technically I’m already about a week behind in my seminary course.  I haven’t started reading any of the books or listening to any of the lectures.  But tonight Dixie and I are just going to sit down and start watching Lonesome Dove.  We just need to sit together and do nothing for a while.

Preparing for a sermon takes up much of my spare time, especially the week before, which is why I’m behind in my course (the course material arrived on Monday).  This week is probably the most prepared I’ve felt for a sermon—in the middle of the week I wasn’t sure if it would fall into place, but it did.  It seems that driving is when most of my inspiration comes.  (So if I’m ever at a loss for material, I should just drive around until something comes to me.)

My feelings of preparedness made this morning that much funnier (to me).  I spoke on Exodus 33:12-21, in which Moses asks for God’s presence to continue on with the Israelites after the golden calf incident, and then Moses asks to see God’s glory.  In the passage, God denies showing Moses his glory, telling him that no one can see his “face”—they would die if they did.  And so I talked about walking by faith, not by sight—that undeniable proof of God’s existence (which would have to be a revelation of all his blazing glory) is not an option for us at this point, and that truth is not limited to those things which are measurable or touchable, as some appear to believe.

But two of the songs that we sang before the sermon included references to seeing God’s face and God revealing his glory to us…and suddenly I was second-guessing myself on my sermon.  Apparently no one else noticed this, as the sermon was very well received, but I thought it was funny.