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Depends on how you define normal.

England posts are forthcoming, just as soon as I weed through and edit any pictures that need editing.  In the meantime, here is a brief conversation I had with a guy at my bank’s credit card department about $80 in long-distance charges for a couple of short calls from Denver to BC:

Me: “Hi, yes. I made a couple of calls to Canada using my credit card from a public pay phone in Denver. Two of the calls were less than 30 seconds long. The third call couldn’t have been more than a minute or two.  Yet I was charged nearly $20 for each one of those calls. Is that a normal charge?”

Credit card guy: “Depends on your definition of normal.”

Me (audibly irritated by his response): “Well, I would certainly say that $18 for a 30-second phone call is not normal. ”

Credit card guy: “OK, I’m tranferring you to disputes.”

Very helpful.  Turns out my credit card company can’t do anything about the charges sent them from American phone companies. The disputes guy told me in a roundabout way that it was foolish to use my credit card rather than a calling card.

I have a 1-800 number for the American phone company responsible for these outrageous charges, where I will register my disapproval, but I’m sure nothing will come of this.