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My body is tired today.  It’s amazing how much difference it makes going to bed a half hour later than normal and being woken up in the middle of the night by a child who had a nightmare.  I lack energy.

I generally lack energy, as a matter of fact. According to Madeline’s new Littlest Pet Shop Mood Book I should eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates in order to keep up my energy.  Also less sugar and caffeine.  Alas, carbohydrates, sugar and tea are my three favourite food groups.

My semester:

» It feels like I have an unreasonable amount of reading and weekly assignments to do this semester.  I already feel behind.  I’m hoping that after Wednesday I can catch up again.

» I’m enjoying all my classes so far.  Hermeneutics is fascinating. Theological Foundations is fascinating. Hebrew is fascinating, but I’m not being diligent enough with my vocabulary and translating takes too much time (though I enjoy it very much).  Theology and Practice of Christian Spirituality and Formation looks like it will be an interesting challenge–we have been assigned “spiritual companions” with whom we are to meet 8 times for an hour each time over the course of the semester.  I had never met my assigned spiritual companion until today. It’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

» I had planned over Christmas to read ahead for my theology class, but I made the wrong decision based on certain elements in the syllabus and started reading Girl Meets God.  I should have started reading The Mediation of Christ, which is due (with an assignment) before Girl Meets God, and it’s a much heavier, meatier…more difficult book.  It scares me a little, in fact.  I have to write a 6-page review for Wednesday and I’m afraid that I don’t understand the book.  I’m hoping to read it one more time before then, but…

» I’m speaking at our church on Sunday.  I’ve got a loose idea of how I will approach the text (John 6:1-15–the feeding of the 5,000), but I haven’t written anything out.  I’m strangely not panicked about it (It’ll all work out.  That, or my subconscious is sabotaging the possibility of future speaking requests). But I am a bit frustrated with my current lack of inspiration and insight into the text.  Plus I’m overcome again with the feeling of Who am I to talk to these people about scripture? And then the question of whether I’m making the text say something it isn’t saying or wasn’t meant to say.  Pray for me, if you’re the praying kind.

» The more I know, the less I feel I know.

What do the Chinese drink?

Dixie’s off to the lake with the kids today, so I decided to wander down to the mall and eat something at the food court.  I opted for the Famous Wok (have you heard of it?).

I sat down at the table with my meal and suddenly I saw before me an incongruency I had not noticed before.  My meal:

  1. Chow mein noodles
  2. Kung pow chicken
  3. Chicken balls
  4. Coke

One of these things is not like the others . . .

Now, I have been informed by those in the know that the Chinese food we find in North American chain restaurants is not really Chinese food at all—such that it is actually, I suppose, “Chinese” food.  And I know that they’ve got Coke over there, too, but it seems like such a classic North American drink.

Any time I eat Chinese food, I wash it down with a tasty beverage such Coke, coffee, tea (I guess that’s Chinese), beer or water.  Have you ever had Chinese food with a cup of . . . I don’t know . . . Hung Chu?  OK, I made that one up, but here’s a real one: Wuliangye, which is a Chinese liquor of one kind or another.

My point: when was the time you saw a “Chinese” food chain offer a non-American drink (aside from tea)?  I won’t find hamburgers or steak at Famous Wok; why do I find Coke and Motts Clamato?