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Birthday, etc

Oh, the things I would post if I could blog between 9am and 5pm!  Alas…

So it was my birthday on Monday (yesterday).  I’m 31, so now I’m officially into my 3rd decade.  I’m siding with the The New Millenium Didn’t Start Until 2001 people.  It gained me an extra year in my 20s.

While I don’t feel quite 31, I do feel like I’m catching up to my age.  Things accelerated significantly this year.  Some extra yeast, if you will, was thrown into the rising dough, as it were, of my maturity.

I just lost a couple of notches of maturity with that last sentence.

Last night Dixie and I went on a date.  I was flip-flopping throughout the day about where to eat.  If we had an Olive Garden in town the decision would have been made on December 9, 2007, but as it is, it’s slim pickin’s in Prince Albert when it comes to eating out.  Dixie was encouraging me to choose something different, such as the new fine dining establishment downtown, or the Filipino place we haven’t been to yet, but I didn’t feel like any of those.  Menus are a big problem for me, I wasn’t about to risk spoiling my birthday supper on a new restaurant.  About mid-afternoon I decided that, given the choices available to me, I was in the mood for beer and pizza.  So we went to Boston Pizza.  We shared a starter spinach salad and a small Thai chicken pizza.  Delicious.  It was the right choice.

Dixie gave me my birthday present at Boston Pizza: a weekend away at a “spiritual” retreat.  Awesome birthday present, you’re thinking in your most sarcastic tone of thought.  Actually, it is and awesome birthday present.  Given its location, I’ll probably go to the Queen’s House Retreat & Renewal Centre in Saskatoon, although St. Michael’s Retreat Centre in Lumsden is another option (with a good location as well).  Unfortunately, its December and it would be a shame not to have an opportunity to go for walks outdoors, so this may have to wait until Spring.  (But then who knows what new things will have happened by then?)

I also cobbled together enough gift certificates and early Christmas gifts to buy myself an iPod Touch.  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about this for several reasons:

  1. It’s an expensive (but potentially useful) toy and usually I avoid adding those gadgets to my life.
  2. I’ve never been good with daytimers, so what makes me think I’ll do any better with an electronic organizer many times the price of a paper daytimer?
  3. I could have saved the money (by using the gift certificates to buy other people gifts) and used it for future tuition and textbook costs.
  4. I feel a bit hypocrytical because on the first Sunday of Advent I was the catalyst for showing the Advent Conspiracy promo video in church.  I know the two aren’t directly related, since the iPod Touch was bought with money given to me by other people for my birthday, but still…

On the other hand

  1. It was money given to me as a gift to get myself something–getting myself gifts for other people technically doesn’t count, does it?  My natural tendency is to use that money to buy books, but I’m already way behind on the books I already own, and I’m not likely to read much non-seminary material for the next little while.  (But I still hope to get some books for Christmas!)
  2. I’m at a stage in my life where I have a lot going on and having everything organized (and synced) in one place, with access to email, etc. wherever there is wifi will be of great use.  My normal way of “keeping track” of things is to write them on little slips of paper, which I promptly lose.
  3. It’s a way for Dixie to communicate with me away from the office without having to buy a cell phone.  I suppose a pay-as-you go cell phone would have been cheaper, but not nearly as fun or functional.  (I have to say it: the iPod Touch puts the “fun” in “functional”.)
  4. Plus it’s fun.  DId I say the thing about “fun” in “functional”?

I don’t know.  It’s been useful so far.  More useful than a daytimer?  I don’t know.  But I can’t check email or blogs with a daytimer.  I can’t install applications on a daytimer–apps like a dictionary or a guitar chord chart.

Am I still trying to justify this purchase?  Yes.  But I’m just filling this space–not looking for your approval.

A couple of years ago I was talking to a friend about how Christians tend to be apologetic about their purchases.  Someone will notice their new barbecue and say, “Hey, did you get a new barbecue?”  And they’ll say, “Yes,” and then quickly add, “But it was on clearance” or something like that.  I don’t know why that is (and it might not be unique to Christians), but I kind of feel like that about the iPod.  It’s as if I’m ok with having money, but not ok with spending it.

Strangely, had I used all that money to buy books or a zoom lens for my camera, I would not have felt the same guilt.  So it’s not the money, it’s the thing.


Remember the good ol’ days of this blog?  They were awesome.  The heady days of controversial theological posts and arguments; dry wit, laughter, tears.  No more, folks.  Add another lame post to the list.