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It’s that time of year again

When our children bring home the catalogue for Spring 09 Magazine Fundraising, by the Canadian Community Reading Plan Inc.  Last year I posted a list of magazines, selected from the CCRP catalogue, to which I would not be subscribing.  I confessed to subcribing to magazines but rarely reading them.

It occurred to me tonight that for the most part I “read” magazines for escape and daydreaming, which means I mostly look at pictures.  Sadly, the only magazine I’ve ever read for actual information is Rolling Stone (and maybe Books & Culture, but I’m mostly mentioning it because it sounds more refined).  So if I’m going to subscribe to a magazine, I should choose with escapism and daydreaming in mind.

For instance, when visiting my parents house I will leaf through Harrowsmith Country Life or English Gardens. And the local ear, nose and throat specialist has some kind of British hunting/long gun magazine in his waiting room (I wish I could remember the name).  I don’t hunt, nor am I particularly interested in rifles, but I was fascinated by the photographs and advertisements: men in tweed jackets and flat caps, standing by old oaks in misty fields and ancient walnutty clubhouses along streams.  Now that’s a magazine I should subscribe to, even though I would never actually read it.

 So if I subscribe to any magazine, it should be one that takes me to cozy, rural English life and traditions.