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It’s European!

A man-purse post.  (Sorry, Brad.)

Out tree planting, several of my male friends each bought themselves one of these.  They used it to carry books, notepads, pens, etc.  I thought it was handy.  But at that time I couldn’t bring myself to buy one–I figured I wouldn’t dare wear it in public. Now I’m once again thinking about buying one, except that it appears as if every reviewer of that bag (as well as this slightly larger one) is a woman.  Plus I’m still not sure I’d dare wear it in public.  Plus Dixie says it looks like one of her purses (in my defense I argue that that particular purse of hers looks a lot like a man-purse).


Phil suggested either a fanny pack.  I have a fanny pack (I used it for the one time I did a combo biking/photography thing), but fanny packs are generally not big enough or the right shape for what I would use it for.

Phil also suggested something that looks like a laptop case and my sister-in-law suggested a “messenger bag”.  I’m not sure what a messenger bag is, but I suspect both it and the laptop case-like bag would be akin to a bag I already have.  I have always thought the bag I have to big to carry around all the time, but maybe it isn’t.

Don suggested I use a camera bag to carry around notebooks, etc. along with the camera.  I’ve considered this as well (it would be nice to have the camera with me whereever I go), but the camera bag is bulky, in the “I’m carrying around a sizeable cubed object” kind of way.

My cousin suggested some kind of army bag from a surplus store to remove all doubt in terms of the purse/man-bag dichotomy.

An informal poll: do any of my male readers carry around a man-purse?  If so, how does it compare to this one?

Also, 10 years ago MEC was pretty cool.  Is it still?  That makes no difference in my purchase, because I still like their products, but I’m wondering if people flock there like they used to.