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Dixie’s granny’s funeral is tomorrow morning.  Tonight, 40 descendants (and spouses) of Granny and Grandpa, including 12 children under age 14, converged upon one of the local family dwellings.  Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all gathered for a few hours of wonderful chaos.  People eating and talking in the living room, in the dining room, in the kitchen, on the deck, on the grass, in the screen tent; children running and screaming and crying.

Stanley 2
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Tomorrow we gather again at the church to remember Granny.

I wonder: what does it feel like for a matriarch or patriarch to see most of her or his descendants, 3 generations in all, gathered in one place, as grandpa did tonight?  Do you feel pride?  I feel a great deal of pride when I look at my three children, but to see your children’s children’s children?  Wow.  But perhaps by that time you would feel sadness that you can’t get to know each one of them as much or see them as often as you’d like?  It’s probably a bittersweet mix of both.