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It seems so small, so long ago.

Late last night we planned to drive our kids to school this morning on our way to the city. So this morning I watched from the living room as their school bus pulled up to the driveway, sat in wait for a minute or so, and then pulled away. It reminded me of that morning in Manitoba (it seems so long ago) that our kids nearly missed the bus, when I ran out in my bathrobe (and little else) waving and yelling at the bus at the end of our road. I don’t remember all the details of that episode, although I’ve probably written about it here. I just remember it being late and Luke—probably 4 or 5 at the time—being upset because we couldn’t find his proper mittens. I was begging him, pleading with him to just take the (wrong) mittens I had given him because we needed to catch the bus, then running out in my bathrobe, waving frantically at the bus and starting the van to drive him there.

This morning I felt a wonderful calmness as I saw that bus sitting there for a moment and then pulling away. The kids wouldn’t need to run this morning or start their day in a panic induced by panicked parents.

It put me in mind of quiet mornings in Manitoba when I didn’t have a class. I tried to imagine myself having breakfast and a cup of tea in our little kitchen. The trailer was 14 feet wide. Subtract another 4 feet or so for wall thickness and counter space. We had no more than a 10 x 12 chunk of floor space in our kitchen to use for cooking and for eating at a standard-sized table for six (four on the sides, two on the ends). In this tiny space we cooked, ate, played games, and welcomed many guests. Our living room was no bigger and our bedrooms were much smaller. Our headboard and bedside tables couldn’t fit side-by-side; we had to wedge the headboard behind the tables.

It was such a small space, but we made it work. Perhaps it helped that we knew we were there for only a short while. We live in a much bigger space now—a house that’s probably bigger than we even need. But we are no more or less happy in the larger space than in the smaller space.

That trailer was so small. Five of us, for three years. There’s a lesson in there.

(It seems so long ago!)


Well, here we are.  In Otterburne.  In our new home (trailer footage to be posted later).  Internet access.  Phone to be activated on Thursday.  Etc.  We are settling in.


1.  The first offer on our house arrived late in the afternoon on Thursday.  Our original plan was to leave Wednesday afternoon, then we bumped it to Thursday morning, then possibly Thursday evening and finally, due to circumstances I won’t detail here, we decided to leave Friday morning.  Late afternoon Thursday our realtor arrived with an offer on our house–the first offer made since we put it up for sale.  Our realtor warned that in the Prince Albert market, offers would be aggressive and this offer was indeed aggressive: $30,000 below our current asking price, which was already $25,000 below the professionally appraised value.  We made a counter-offer.  During supper our realtor called and said, “Sold!”  An 11th hour deal if ever there was one.  The offer is subject to standard conditions, which we will hear about by the end of this week, so there is still a chance that this deal will fall through, but it’s still a huge load off of our minds.  Had we not delayed our departure, things may well not have gone as they did.  Coincidence?

2.  We ended up leaving Prince Albert at noon on Friday.  The plan was to shoot to drive the entire 9 hours to Otterburne, but to stop somewhere if we couldn’t go any further (I was driving the 17′ moving truck and trailer, Dixie followed in the van).  We made it to Portage La Prairie at about 11p.m. Manitoba time.  Just before we arrived, Dixie called me from the van and wondered if we had any mattresses handy in the truck.  We had one.  Which gave us a total of one mattress and one pillow for the five of us to sleep in the trailer that night.  So we decided to stay in Portage and get a good night’s rest before all the unloading (which wouldn’t have been fun at midnight).  Unfortunately (bizarrely?), it was too late for the hotel staff to get a toddler bed, so the five of us had to share two queen beds.  Long story short, I got less than 2 hours of sleep (on the floor) that night.

3.  Some church friends came out to Otterburne to help us unpack.  Some of our new neighbours helped as well and one couple invited us over for supper Saturday night.  We already feel welcome (and are making new friends).

4.  It will take time to get used to some of the ways things are done here.  When I lived in Caronport (essentially a Christian town and home of Briercrest Schools), I used to roll my eyes at people who didn’t like the rules.  “If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to attend this school,” I would say.  But now that I’m coming into a somewhat similar situation from a decade of living without externally imposed rules, I can see that this would be a struggle.  Not that I have run into anything particularly problematic, but Dixie has already said to me, “Those are just the rules, Marc.  It’s the way they do it and we have to live with it.”  She’s right, but I can now understand a bit of the frustration students at Briercrest sometimes must have felt.

5.  Steinbach, the nearest inhabited place of commercial and grocery note, is a nice town.  Main street looks great, but I fear it will die out, as the north end of Steinbach is all big-box stores.  Not that I should really grumble about that, as I’ve already shopped at 4 or 5 of said stores.

Steinbach shuts down almost completely on Sundays, which is unusual these days.  Except for fast-food places, gas stations and convenience stores, everything is closed on Sundays.  You can get emergency milk at a convenience store, but if you desperately need a pomegranite on a Sunday afternoon, you are out of luck.  I mention this only because we drove the 15 minutes into Steinbach on Sunday to get groceries, of which we had virtually none (other than those thoughtfully purchased for us by Gavin and Shauna).

6.  Monday we drove into Winnipeg to get groceries and some other things.  We are now Executive Members at Costco.  Whoopee!

7.  Trip to Steinbach today for some other needed (and unneeded) items.  Got internet access (still working on that one, though) and set up an account with MTS and will have an active phone number by Thursday evening.

8.  Still more unpacking to do, but we’re getting settled in.  There is a very strong wet dog smell in the house when the windows have been closed for a while (the previous owners had two dogs and a cat).  Dixie’s mom suggested spreading baking soda over the rug, which we’ve been slowly doing throughout the trailer (one reason we didn’t sleep in our bedroom until last night).  Hopefully that works.

9.  There is a wasp nest under our trailer which I need to clear out.  Will do so tonight.

10.  School starts on September 9.  I hope to finish most of the assignments for the distance learning course I’m taking from Briercrest before then.

11.  Trying to decide if I should take 4 or 5 courses this semester.

12.  And so on.

13.  Writing in tags for this post and accidentally typed “cemetery” instead of “seminary”.  Coincidence?