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The skinny

What’s new?

» It’s a slow month for blogging at The Eagle & Child.

» I have very recently become a big fan of Flight of the Conchords and Flight of the Conchords (band and show with band).  It all began when a friend showed us “Business Time” on YouTube, followed by my viewing a bunch of YouTube material from that concert, followed by watching a bunch of episodes of season 2 online, followed quickly by purchasing season 1 of the show on DVD.  Dixie has also become a fan.  We have been watching season 1 together.  It is fun.  The show is funny.  Good times.

»  Last week/weekend was spent first, with an evening getting angry at my mitre saw for not cooperating, followed by borrowing a mitre saw from the person who lent me their brad nailer and air compressor.  This was followed by much angle cutting and brad nailing, such that most of the upstairs now has floorboards.  I couldn’t believe the difference the floorboards made.  It still feels just a little bit like we live in a classy house.  

During this time, Dixie and some friends have been working on cleaning and decluttering the house so that we can take pictures to list the house.  Pictures here and here.  You’ll note, however, that we have a lot of clutter and Dixie has cleverly positioned the clutter outside of the frames of the picture.

»  Right now I am wearing a grey shirt with cut-off sleeves.  It’s a little too short, as well.  I am generally too self-conscious to wear this shirt outside.  I do not plan to go outside now.