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Do not worry

Last night I had a sudden, but brief period of mild panic at how quickly September was passing by.  A look at the calendar reminded me not only that have 5 books to read (and comprehend) between now and October 5, along with papers, reports and day-to-day reading to prepare for class, but also that October 5 is in the VERY near future.  I weighed my options for a few minutes–could I drop a class?–but it seems that my only option at this point is to persevere.  A night of sleep settled me down, as sleep tends to do.

This morning in Seminary chapel the sermonette, if you will, was from Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus’ “do not worry” advice.  I’ll lift a couple of verses from J.B. Phillips’ translation (paraphrase?), whose turn of phrase the speaker liked, and I do too:

“So don’t worry and don’t keep saying, ‘What shall we eat, what shall we drink or what shall we wear?…your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. Set your heart on the kingdom and his goodness, and all these things will come to you as a matter of course.

“Don’t worry at all then about tomorrow. Tomorrow can take care of itself! One day’s trouble is enough for one day.” (Link)

It wasn’t until I was walking home from an early afternoon class today that I made the connection between last night’s crisis and this passage from Matthew.  I’m generally reluctant to make that sort of providential connection, not wanting to appear superstitious or hyperindividualistic (God tailored that sermon just for me!)–in fact, I’m not even making any absolute claims in that regard here–but I do believe that sometimes coincidence is, paradoxically, God-guided.  Or, at the very least, coincidence often points us to God.

Anyway, I should keep that passage in mind for the next couple of years.  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Sort out today today and tomorrow tomorrow.