Strange Pop-up Ad

This popped up when I accessed the website today (it was also on the website itself at the same time):

It’s strange because it’s an opinion question as opposed to the usual ‘facts’ question (e.g. “Who is the biggest selling musical act in the U.S., The Beatles or Garth Brooks?” or “What is the average rainfall in the Amazon basin?”) that are asked in these ads.

I wonder, given our current political climate, if there is a correct answer to this question (according to the advertiser) and, if so, will I still get the free iPod Nano if I answer incorrectly? Someone else will have to find out, because I never click on pop-up ads (and neither should you).
Incidentally, the syntax of the question raises a grammatical issue. I know what is meant by it, but when read literally the question asks whether Harper is a threat to two separate things:

  1. Women
  2. Gay rights

Purse snatchers, rapists and serial killers are a threat to women; some politicians are a threat to women’s rights as well as gay rights. The latter is, I believe, what is intended by the question.

I think the grammatically correct version of the question would be “Is Harper a threat to women’s and gay rights?” But I’ll have to check on that.

5 thoughts on “Strange Pop-up Ad

  1. Andrew

    Good eye, Marc. I’d say you’re correction is grammatically correct, though I’d prefer the more sonorous “Is Harper a threat to the rights of women and gays?”

  2. Mr. C.C.

    I saw that ad as well Marc. I believe I was on my Photobucket at the time. To answer the question as a I see on the ad, I would have to give a resounding YES. We all know that Stephen Harper is not so “progressive.” Hench the reason they dropped the “progressive” from the Conservative party name.

  3. Marc

    Hmmm…I’d have to say “We’ll have to see, but probably not.” I’m not sure what you would base your “resounding YES” on.

    As far as I know, dropping the “progressive” had nothing to do with Harper’s politics and more to do with the fact that the new Conservative Party isn’t simply a resurrection of the old Progressive Conservative Party.

  4. Andrew

    I think this has been covered on this blog but if we look at it objectively, the answer ought to be “No”, since Harper has always been clear that his government will not introduce or support any legislation restricting abortion. Similarly, even if a free vote in the House of Commons would result in a repeal of the Civil Marriage Act, he (and the Conservative Party) has indicated that he would propose civil union legislation. Regardless of that, however, it’s not at all a given that Harper would be ‘anti- women’s rights’ or ‘anti- gay rights’, just by maintaining marriage as a heterosexual institution, or restricting abortion. I mean, on the latter count, are the Netherlands an ‘anti- women’s rights’ nation? Any but most radical of observers would agree that it’s a very ‘progressive’ country; yet even it outlaws abortion in the 3rd trimester!

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