She’s my little goose poop.

We drove out to Christopher Lake late in the afternoon today.»? I wasn’t expecting to swim there, although we planned on letting the kids play in the sand and splash in the water.»? The beach was a little soggy and there were goose droppings all over the place, but it was nice nonetheless.»? As it turned out, the water was also quite nice and I got also got in for about half an hour.»? Madeline was in the water from the get-go, which is a nice change.»? She’s been afraid of playing in lakes and pools since she was a baby, but she appears to be over that.»? This is a good thing.

And Luke just sat in the sand and ate it.»? It’s going to be a great summer (what’s left of it!»? It’s almost the end of June!)

Some pics:

Afterwards we had supper at Lake Country Cottage Restaurant in Christopher Lake.»? There were hummingbird feeders right by our window and one hummingbird (I think) kept coming back for more.»? Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to get a really good picture:

5 thoughts on “She’s my little goose poop.

  1. Peg

    I was going to say the same thing. I of course have only seen them the once in March but they defintely are both getting bigger. Guess it is getting time to get started on that “next one” 😉

    Maybe next year at this time we can all go out on the boat together. Ever try wakeboarding Marc???

  2. Marc


    I’ve never wake-boarded. In junior high camp one of my “skills” was water-skiing. I gave up after a couple of days of no success and spent the rest of that week’s water-skiing skill skimming the waves in an inner-tube. I’d certainly give it a go, though.

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