‘Misspelled and brave’

I could learn a thing or two from Real Live Preacher:

I saw a sign that said, “Far Would 4 Sail.”?

At first I didn"t know what it meant, but then I figured it out and laughed. It was the good kind of laugh, like when you finally get a joke.

The sign brought to mind many things I have known that seemed good and were good, only they were spelled wrong. But perhaps they weren"t wrong at all, at least not in the important ways of being wrong. Perhaps in some other place or time, they would have been right.

…This is a secret: sometimes, when I’m alone at night, and the church feels far away, and there are no nice people around, and the rules and obligations are out of my mind, I wish that I could write like the far would sign. Misspelled and brave and the hell with anything except for what is clear and obvious and right in front of my face. The stuff my body and my heart tells me is real and good. (read the whole thing…)

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