3 thoughts on “More words…

  1. Simon

    Well then have you heard about this site?


    It totes itself as being, “Like flickr, but without the photos.”

    I haven’t signed up for an account there on account of the good chance of my losing several hours a day I barely have a grasp on as it is.

    Words rock.


  2. Marcus the Bushwhacker

    I’d like to nominate “cumquat” and “guacamole” for inclusion on the list. They’re just fun to say, and make me giggle.

    I like how George Carlin suggested that guacamole could be used as an expletive “Holy guacamole!”, or as a name for some small thing, “Where is that little… guacamole?”

  3. Toni

    “It totes itself as being, “Like flickr, but without the photos.”?”

    Does that mean it’s painfully slow with an awkward interface?

    May I suggest sprocket, flange (in a pre-coarse useage sense) and micturition. They’ve all been words of childish entertainment and fun.

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