Laces in.

“Daddy, guess what?  I’m never going to have cavities.”

“Really?  Then you have to brush your teeth real good.  Every day.”

“Some day my teeth are going to be twisted.”

“Twisted?  Why?  You mean crooked.  Who told you that?”

“Well, really because I want to have laces around my teeth.”

“Laces?  Oh, you mean braces.  You don’t want to have braces.”

“Yes.  I want to have braces.”

…[she grumbles for a few moments about her supper]…

“I want to have laces around my teeth!”

2 thoughts on “Laces in.

  1. Linea

    We’ll see what we can do about that!
    Maybe tell her that it is a little bit like needing glasses – you only wear them if you need them. Or needing a wheelchair or crutches – it might look like fun but it would get tiring unless you really needed them.

  2. Johanna

    I didn’t really get tired of my braces.
    I liked the way they looked, and it made me feel like I was finally a real teenager.
    It’s true.
    I liked having braces.

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