The Anal-retentive Blogger

Folks, the card you use to pay for stuff directly from your bank account is an “Interac” card, not an “interact” card. It is a trademarked name (Interac) rather than an action (“to interact”). It’s an important distinction, and yet in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t really matter.

Also, this is my 1500th post. Lame, eh?

11 thoughts on “The Anal-retentive Blogger

  1. Marc

    Kelly, don’t make me do another anal-retentive post! There is no ecscaping my watchful Anal-retentive Grammar Faerie eye!

  2. Simon

    What would send me over the edge is if somebody said they were going to use their interact card at the ATM machine, but then realised they’d forgotten their PIN number. Gah! Such redundancy of speech! Does nobody know what comprises acronyms?

    I hope the Grammar Faerie wields a two-by-four of common sense rather than the more typical wand seen in the hands of other mythic beasts.

  3. Doug

    I had a guy (quite old, actually) tell me today he had paid for a purchase (it was a computer) with his Chargex! Ah – you’re all too young to even know what that is/was!

  4. Maryanne

    Oh, that’s an important service. Thank you for stating that. Now, if we can get people saying “espresso” instead of “expresso,” and realising that “irregardless” isn’t a word, I’ll be a happy woman.

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