It feels good to utter.


What a great word. It’s so well put together that it not only sounds nice, but it also feels good saying it. Speak the word—Shallack—and feel your tongue slap the roof of your mouth.

Shallack. The Eagle & Child’s Word of the Month.

11 thoughts on “It feels good to utter.

  1. Andrew

    No, no, no, surely Marc meant “Shalak”. Or possibly “Sjelak.”. Hmmm. “Schalahk”?

  2. Marc

    Hey, cut a guy a break, will you? “Shallack” is how it is spelled when I say it. That is, if speech bubbles appeared above our heads when we spoke, mine would say “Shallack” when I say the word.

    I’m gonna lose it.

    I oughtta fake you all out by repossessing all the Stars and Pilcrow Awards any of you have won, and then come at you with a quick right hook. IS THAT ‘MAYBE IT’S THE FUMES…FROM THE SHALLACK’ ENOUGH FOR YOU?

  3. Ian H.

    Well, since I’ve never won any of the awards, that’s going to be light punishment… but if you’re repossessing them to redistribute more equitably, I’m all for it!

  4. Marc

    Well, it means the same thing as “Shellac”. In fact, it is the word “Shellac”. I’m just being unruly. šŸ™‚

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