Blogging and punctuation

Is a space considered punctuation?  A space is essentially nothing, I suppose, so perhaps not.

A beef I’ve had with all blogging apps since the beginning is that they seem to ignore the rule of grammar and punctuation (in typing) which states that after a period/full stop one should leave two spaces, not just one space as one leaves between words in a sentence.

I’m guessing that it’s a coding issue, but I would have expected it to be resolved by now.  Perhaps no one else has noticed.  Or they have and they don’t care.  I just find that it makes paragraphs look a little crowded.

12 thoughts on “Blogging and punctuation

  1. Simon

    I’ve heard it said that the two-space thing after a period is becoming rather passé. That it existed – and was introduced – when typewriters were all the rage, and that including two spaces after a full stop was the only real clear way to denote a full stop, given that the period got rather buried in there, what with the spacing between characters being the same regardless of relative character size. (A capital “G” versus a lower case “i”, for example.)

    That being said, I’m all for a resistance movement being started up to promote the continued used of the double space. I always type it in, even though I know it’ll get excluded. Heck, that’s several dozen wasted keystrokes for an average blog post, but I’ll not stray from my habit. No, sir!!

    Viva la resistance!!

  2. Marc

    It’s becoming passé? Hmmm…

    It seems that grammar and punctuation in general is becoming passé.

    I guess since the point of language is communication, it ultimately doesn’t really matter how it’s written or put together. But there’s something said for the effectiveness of eloquence.

  3. Toni

    “It seems that grammar and punctuation in general is becoming passé.”

    You’ve noticed this too.

    Personally I prefer a single space after a full stop, allowing context to determine the nature of the period.

  4. Ian H.

    The problem isn’t with the blogging software, it’s with HTML. HTML only recognizes one space unless you specifically encode a non-blanking space like   this. Use   (if that doesn’t show up, it’s an ampersand, then the letters “nbsp” (non-blanking space), then a semi-colon. Put that with no spaces in it, and it will generate a longer that one space whitespace.

  5. Marc

    No, Maryanne, I have not. I’ve only read Eats, Shoots and Leaves (brilliant) and that was a couple of years ago.

    I’ve pondered getting The Lynne Truss Treasury, which used to be available at Superstore at a discount, but have not acted on it.

  6. rilla

    Actually, according to the most recent publications of the Chicago Manual of Style a single space is the correct way to punctuate keyboarded/word processed documents. Out of habit, I continue to use the double space.

  7. Collette

    when I learned to type in Grade 10 (so, around 1993) I was told that with typewriters you use two spaces and with computers you use one. and yep, Simon has the reason right as far as I recall.

    when I am being picky, I will go and remove the second space from Word documents that people send me to edit. but, if it’s going up online I don’t bother because I know HTML will strip that out.

  8. Marc

    Really? What on earth? I never heard that or I wasn’t listening.

    Good to know. If you’re right, Collette, then I can lay this beef to rest.

    Who are the people that make these decisions? Is there a committee that oversees this?

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