Sorry folks…

We’re out and about for the week and I don’t want to be anti-social by spending my time blogging.  I haven’t been all that inspired to write lately anyway.  Two reasons for this:

1.  Texas Hold’em Poker on Facebook.  It has me in its kung-fu grip.

2.  The words haven’t been coming out right lately.  I’ve been playing with some different ways of writing, but I’m beginning to realize that I’m at the point where I can’t just sit down and dash off a quick post—at least, not a post with which I will be satisfied.  Don’t take yourself so seriously, you might be thinking.  Well, why not?  The fact is, I have a number of draft posts just sitting there because they don’t sound right or feel right.  I don’t want to put them out there and then regret it.

This post doesn’t feel right either, but something needed to be said.  I mean, COME on!

One thought on “Sorry folks…

  1. Don Hendricks

    This is good news to me. I would be distressed to find you were still ruminating about those silly sunday school videos and books designed to sell books, make authors richer and famous, and continue to convince us that a group of people with an open bible is boring.


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