What’s wrong with this headline?

Something doesn’t seem right about this CBC.ca headline:

Man who almost froze to death grateful

Grateful for…almost freezing to death?

Why the editors chose to not add “for rescue” at the end of the headline is beyond me. (Well, technically I suppose it should be “for being rescued”, I guess, because otherwise he might be talking about a rescue he did.)

Of course, headlines regularly flout the rules of grammar.

Update: When all is said and done, that headline is better than this Eagle & Child post.

3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this headline?

  1. Collette

    that entire article is a pretty good example of poor journalism. my favourite part is this:

    “Earlier, Pratt had spent some time at his home in Harris drinking and fighting, prompting him to take off wearing just a pair of pants.”

    who spends time at home drinking and fighting? does he have that on his resume? I’m also not sure if “take off” is the most professional way to describe someone leaving.

  2. Marc

    Hilarious! I didn’t actually read the rest of the article—just enough to be sure what they were talking about.

    They say it so matter-of-factly. I wonder how his fighting and drinking “prompted” him to leave with just pants on? Also, he’s been charged for his “misadventures”. I love it.

    To be fair, I think the online articles are written up quite quickly for news “as it happens” and will get polished later for broadcast. I hope.

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