This kind of stuff gets to me

You’ve probably seen this already; I hadn’t.  This kind of thing really gets to me:

Halfway through, Dixie says to me, “You’re crying aren’t you?”

“Just a little bit,” I says.

6 thoughts on “This kind of stuff gets to me

  1. Jay

    I just found it so refreshing to see real talent in a much higher class of performing than the typical calibre or genre for those shows.

  2. Ang

    That was fantastic! I know I’m a girl so it’s “expected” but I, also, was crying…well, like a little girl!

  3. Don Hendricks

    I can’t think of any better clip to tear up too. Does that song qualify for your meme, for I bought it on Itunes.


  4. Joanne

    I have had Paul Potts cd since last christmas. It is fantastic, well worth the purchase.

    I have seen this clip many many times, and it gets me every time.

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